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Task Management tips for blogger/freelancer to increase productivity

    In the tech-world where getting new projects is a daily routine, task management is one issue you should be familiar with to stay in the crowd let alone get to the top. So, is it such a difficult thing that you need to attend classes to get on the right track? Not at all. All you need is proper discipline in life and proper value of time. You have to be organised and have a proper approach to things to deal with it.

    Tack checklist

    Many might complain that after hours of hardwork they are not getting things right. Well, hardwork is not a scalar quantity that magnitude alone determines the output. Like any vector, if not in the right direction, hours of hardwork won’t give you the desired result. Now, let us check upon some simple tips that will be useful to you to manage your work effectively.

    1. Anytime & Anything

    Always be prepared to take up new tasks. Never take anything for granted. The mindset of a winner is always positive. That doesn’t mean that he has not thought about any difficult phases. He would have analysed all the possible outcomes and had prepared the necessary measures to be taken to counter the worst case scenarios or its possibilities. There are many other stuff that you need to bother and also that is not in your hands, for example, a sudden change of team or a new work being assigned when the existing one is not yet completed.

    2. Plan ahead with Kanban

    If you are confused with all the mess and stuck up right at the start, you always have the option of online free task management template or with weekly planner. This will allow you to keep track of everything and help you understand the tasks better.

    3. Make it Smaller, make is easier

    The projects or the tasks that are given to you might at times look huge and a mountain to climb. All you got to do when put in such a situation is to analyse the task well and break it into smaller pieces and assign the work to the team members by checking on their capabilities and area of interest. Another thing about managing task is providing clear instructions to your team and managing your team as well. If the instructions are not clear, then you are supposed to check it again and the same thing is applicable to the teammates. An instruction understood in a wrong way can make the entire work a mess.
    So, break up the gigantic tasks and be clear with your instructions.

    4. Always start small

    You don’t have to start with a bang. Most of the times, projects will be delivered to you with enough time to complete them. You don’t have to try to finish it as soon as possible by taking large steps and trying to complete many tasks in a single day. Also, there are high chances of failure while doing extra work. A good task manager will know for sure that you have to start at a slow pace and with the passage of time, everyone will pick up speed and things will go on smoothly.

    5. One Task at a Time

    Multitasking always sounds cool but it does not often seem cool, especially to the person who is multitasking. One task at a time is the right approach to achieve the goal. This will seem like a continuation of the above points, but you always need to go one step at a time. The lesser tiring the work you are focusing on is, the lesser time will be taken to complete it. More work or larger task gives more pressure to the doer and hence takes more time than actually needed to do it.

    6. Focus on success but don’t eliminate the negative case scenarios

    Like mentioned before, everything is not in your hands. So, you need to consider the negative side also at any time. You should know how to deal with the problems caused if things do not go as planned. It is always good to have a counter-plan or a solution before rather than being confused when the situation becomes chaotic.

    7. The scarier ones first

    Think about it this way, you are continuously doing the tasks as planned and as it proceeds, the tasks become more and more easier. This will also give a positive vibe to the person. That is one reason it is advisable to do the scary or the difficult tasks first and go in a descending order of difficulty.

    So, now that you know how to manage your tasks, you would not face any problem in future with the same. Go through the points mentioned above and manage your tasks well in an organised and systematic way.

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