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Top 10 EdTech Development Companies in London

EdTech means utilization of technology in education. It's a process of continual professional development of the user. The ultimate aim of an EdTech is to grow the skills of students, maximize their knowledge and develop their personality.

EdTech development companies have seen an enormous growth over the years as this industry became among one of the fastest growing industry in the United Kingdom.

This blog post is highlighting top 10 EdTech development companies in London.

EdTech Development Companies in London

Top 10 EdTech Development Companies in London

    1). SparxIT 

    SparxIT, offering digital solutions to their huge amount of customers in London. The company was founded in 2007 for offering seamless digital solutions to diverse industries.

    With a team of dedicated and proficient experts in the field, SparxIT never fails to deliver projects on time and according to the need of their clients. Offering digital services in the area of Web and App Development, CRM building etc.

    Company works on the creation of different types of web and mobile apps, EdTech is one among that product in which they also work. Having trusted by their user base of vast customers and tech giants in diverse fields, SparxIT is making impact in the digital world.

    2). iTechArt Group

    Established in the year 2002, this London based Custom Software Development Company is a one-stop software development solution. Helping startups and companies and enhancing their online presence is what they majorly focus upon.

    Having a dedicated team of over 3500 professionals and quality engineers, they really focus on adapting the challenges and growing. They focus on developing the project as per the needs of their users. Having served over 350+ happy clients, they are growing each year. They also work for the industries like fitness, EdTech, Food etc.

    As per the ratings of Clutch, they secure 4.9 stars strong rating. 

    3). Busuu

    Established in the year 2008, in London, UK. Busuu designed to empower people, the power of language. With over 100M+ database of active learners and native speakers, Busuu is helping in learning new language with the help of its vast base of courses for clarifying the concepts of its users. 

    Busuu is a freemium company, which means Busuu offer two modes : Free and Premium. Free mode has some limitations, but it allows users to learn, practice and  improve their vocabularies. Busuu’s premium mode add a worthy star in its process as this app serves high quality of data that will sway away many other language learning apps with ease.

    Busuu owns the “App of the year” award by Apple Inc. and Editor's choice award from Google.

    4). Perlego

    Perlego is an online library incorporated in the year 2016 with a sole aim of helping students in their academics by providing them books over the internet in the form of e-books. Incorporation of this EdTech Service provider is in London, UK. 

    With minimal e-book subscription charges, students can get the access of the content for which they are looking for. A variety in the collection of textbooks in its database, Perlego is assisting students all over the globe.

    Trusted by the leading educational industries and academic publishers in the world like Elsevier, Stanford University Press, Cambridge University Press etc. Perlego is making a commendable impact.

    5). A Cloud Guru

    As the name represents, A Cloud guru is an EdTech company making cloud learning easier and accessible. Cloud Guru's team of over 200+ skilled and experienced faculty members and employees assisting their users to smoothly learn and grow in the field of cloud computing.

    Incorporated in the year 2015 in London, UK, this company, saw an enormous growth in cloud computing and slowly became a leader in this game. They made cloud learning simpler by introducing cloud playground for the learners, Practice set of exams and so on.

    Trusted by the top tech giants like Google Cloud Partner, Amazon AWS, Qualcomm, Devexchange, Cloud Health and so on. With tons of positive reviews by their customers, A Cloud Guru is making an impact.

    6). MyTutor

    Incorporated in 2013 a London, based EdTech Company, comes up with an idea to end the hustle of students in finding the right tutor for solving their problems in online lessons. Tailor made selection of a tutor by a student or their parents.

    With an expert team of tutors for over 30+ subjects, clear explanation of the concepts becomes easier for the students. Interaction is the key point in their teaching, they interact with students and making them engage so that they can learn the tricky concepts easily. 

    With a promising rating of over 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and used by more than 1000 schools, MyTutor is assisting in boosting the potential of the students.   

    7). EduMe

    London originated education technology company grounded its feet in the market in 2015. EduME is an innovative EdTech service provider, offering educational material to businesses with a purpose to teach their employees in the form of an app. 

    EduMe's app is designed in such a way that it can easily track and analyze the user's behavior and automate its process accordingly, with a purpose to increase higher workforce productivity and engagement.

    With a trust of leading giants in diverse industry like Uber, Gorillas, GRUHUB, deliveroo, Vodafone etc. EduMe is glorifying their words.

    8). Kortext

    With a database of over 2million digital textbooks from over 4,500 publishers in the market worldwide, Kortext is making the access of digital textbooks easier. London based EdTech company, founded in 2013 with a mission to solve the hustle of students.

    Kortext is offering essential textbooks of diverse publishers over the globe and making their access online and offline for its users with the help of variety of tools. The EdTech platform offers an affordable and quick method of learning for their user-base.

    With an ingenious approach, Kortext being the EdTech service provider company is gaining significant amount of growth over the years. Trusted by leading universities of London like Middlesex University London, University of Manchester, City University London and so on. KorText is enhancing the perspective of learning.

    9). Atom Learning

    Atom Learning is incorporated in 2017, in London, is an EdTech development company offering study material for a specified age group from 7 to 11 years. Atom Learning is offering learning material to their students in two parts.

    i. Atom Prime

    ii. Atom Nucleus

    Atom Prime is a product by atom designed for teachers, to prepare question banks in the form of assignments for their students. On the other hand, Atom Nucleus is a premium replacement to the tuition for the students, including features like Unlimited practice sets for clarifying the concepts of the students, track your progress and find the hindrances and much more.

    With a strong rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by Trustpilot, Atom Learning is proving its worth in the market.

    10). Third Space Learning 

    A London origin company founded in the year 2012 is designed for providing one-on-one solution of the queries of the users related to mathematics. 

    It's a freemium product, offering free and premium services to its users. Under the category of free resources, basics and average problems are explained by the tutors, whereas the affordable premium services of the EdTech company can give access to the locked content in its base.

    Tons of positive reviews about the company and a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by Trustpilot are making them trustworthy in finding out the solutions of your typical mathematics concern.


    The link between the technology and education always stand in good faith. Education sector never hesitates in adapting the new implementations that arrive and spread quickly in the market, this sector use these implementations in teaching and learning. Having a tremendous growth and the rise in its market share every year, this sector is in boom. 

    Hiring an EdTech development company could make this process easier if you have clarified your purpose of creating a revolutionary EdTech brand. Nevertheless, you can still read this post to take the idea, inspiration and clarifying your purpose.

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