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Teachmint - How to Join & Share the Screen

    What is Teachmint?

    Teachmint is a comprehensive tool for teachers, coaches, schools, and anyone looking to manage and automate their classrooms

    Teachmint facilitates communication between professors and students inside and outside educational institutions. With Teachmint's classroom and LMS features, you can hold online classes, record lectures, use a digital whiteboard to instruct, track attendance and performance, exchange study materials and homework with students, and more. Teachers can use ten lakh+ pre-uploaded questions to generate examinations and quizzes automatically for their pupils. 

    Additionally, it enables home-based instructors to deliver limitless live video lectures to students worldwide. It is an intuitive mobile app-based LMS that allows you to digitize your school or institution and prepare it for the future. 

    With Teachmint, instructors can create subjective and MCQ tests and quizzes that can be given anytime, anywhere, and on any Teachmint app for pc, laptop, or mobile device.


    How do I join Teachmint?

    Teachmint includes many tools that simplify teaching, including live online sessions for teachers. Teachmint eliminates the need for high setup or installation costs and lets you accomplish everything from your mobile device with only one app. Additionally, it enables you to save both money and time. The procedure for setting up and using Android apps on a PC is detailed below. You must first get and install an Android emulator before you can proceed.

    Download Teachmint for a PC:

    To utilize an android app from your smartphone, you will need a program called an android emulator that acts as a virtual phone. The procedure for setting up and using Android apps on a PC is detailed below:

    • You must first get and install an Android emulator before you proceed. For the Teachmint app download for pc, you need to download one of the most popular Android emulators. Use of it and downloading are both entirely secure.
    • Double-click the simulator software file after downloading it, then install it by following the on-screen prompts, just like any different computer program.
    • After installing, pull and drop the downloaded APK file into the emulator's window. The method of installing the app will then start.

    Can students share the screen in Teachmint?

    To share your screen during a live class using the Teachmint app, follow these easy steps:

    Select Share Screen after clicking the share button.

    You will get a pop-up asking for approval before your pupils may begin screen casting with you.

    • All students enrolled in an online class will be able to see your screen once you click Start Now.

    The following functionalities are available once you share the screen with students:
    • Use the pen tool to draw.
    • Emphasize your content
    • Make use of standard forms like rectangles, circles, and ellipses.
    • Change the colour and width of your pen's lines.

    Click Stop Share to end screen-sharing mode.

    Steps to share your screen during a live lesson using Teachmint's website:

    Sharing your screen is simple, making it simple to exhibit any PPTs, books, etc.

    • Click the top arrow on your screen's lower bottom edge.
    • Click the share screen button now.

    When you select the share button, you can only share a specific window, a single Chrome tab, or the entire screen.

    Is Teachmint free for students?

    Teachmint download for pc for students is easy to begin their class. Teachmint enables educators to go live from any location, at any time and using any computer. Teachmint is a valuable teaching program combining live online instruction, student class administration, and coaching management, and it allows instructors to hold live classes from their homes and instruct students throughout India. Students can access the app through the phone, email, and video assistance, thanks to a committed customer happiness staff.

    The excellent benefits of the Teachmint App:

    • Teachmint is very simple to start up. Teachers may easily create a classroom in just 2 minutes and start using features like creating tests, exchanging homework, assignments, and study materials, as well as managing payments.

    • Teachmint is entirely safe and secure. You never use student or user data for any form of advertising, in contrast to many other apps that delve deeply into the lives of their users.

    • Teachmint assists you in managing your classrooms and batches, running live lessons and tests, sending reminders, and automatically taking attendance.

    • All study materials, including notes, documents, images, and videos, may be uploaded and saved on the app. Students can also view all assignments on the assignment page.

    • Teachmint's question bank, which has more than 10 lakh questions, may be used by teachers to produce quizzes and examinations automatically.

    • The simple two-way video feature the app provides makes it easy for professors to conduct question and answer sessions with pupils. While instructing, you can also communicate with the pupils and address their questions.

    What features are offered by Teachmint?

    Teachmint is a valuable teaching program that combines live online instruction, class administration for students, and coaching management, so immediately, the Teachmint app download for pc windows is the best choice. It allows instructors to hold live classes from their homes and instruct students throughout India. The attributes are,

    • Conduct live classes and record them.
    • Using a whiteboard and screen-share effectively teach
    • Disseminate lecture recordings, reading materials, and notes.
    • Converse with pupils
    • Send out notifications, tasks, and MCQ tests.
    • Automatically observing


    → 1). Does Teachmint have a time limit?

    Teachmint is easy to use and effective even for teachers who are not tech-savvy. It differs significantly from the other apps in that there is no cap on the number of pupils that can be added, and there is no time constraint.

    → 2). Does the Teachmint app free for students?

    Teachmint has also released a free live tutoring smartphone app to give tutors more digital power. India is leading the world in adopting online learning, setting a new standard for the rest of the world.

    → 3). Will Teachmint allows for screen sharing?

    Select Share Whiteboard from the menu. Then the shared access to the online whiteboard will begin, and you can utilize it to communicate your ideas better.

    Here are the other app that are helpfull for teachers and students:

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