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Classplus App Login for Students to use it's Features

    Over the past few years, teaching strategies have undergone significant changes. The internet and other communication technologies have advanced so quickly. They have essentially changed the basic idea of education. Those days when teachers required physical classrooms and whiteboards to teach the students are long gone. Today, a teacher can connect with the class and deliver lectures, homework, and assessments at convenient times. If you are fortunate enough to have access to a computer or mobile application, online learning will go even more smoothly for you. It is here that teachers and coaching centres rely on Classplus as the best tool for connecting with their pupils more successfully.


    What is Classplus?

    You may build your own Android and iOS apps using the platform Classplus to market your online courses. Even live classes can be held using your app. Making your own app doesn't require any coding. You can start teaching online in a few days after your app is ready. You may host events, go live, and send out marketing alerts with Classplus. Additionally, you will have access to the user's contact details, allowing you to reach out to them by SMS or WhatsApp. The best features that Classplus has to offer and its login process are discussed below:

    How to login Classplus and use it

    • You must register on the app or website with your phone number when you initially download it or use it in the browser.

    • Next, type your name. You can choose to log in.

    • Finish the registration process.

    • You can see a menu and a notification symbol in the header.

    • There are many options available on the site, including viewing videos, study materials, practising right away, offline download, and checking performance.

    • There are some promotional videos following that.

    • The course portion will then be revealed to you.

    • The "Test of the Week" section follows. You can keep tabs on how many of your students took the online exams from this section.

    • You have the opportunity to share things.

    • You can find a few tabs at the bottom, such as home, store, conversations, and profile.

    Classplus features

    There are numerous features in Classplus that may be used to successfully sell your course. Everyone can make courses, as you are aware, but not everyone can sell them. With the help of a variety of tools and techniques from Classplus, you can manage and market your coaching business. You can create a store in the Classplus app inside which you can list all the courses you have. It is similar to that buying items online. Having the course catalogue on hand will boost purchases. If you have ten distinct courses, for instance, you may put them all on one page. You'll make more money if more people take your courses.

    Bottom Line

    Classplus's customer base has expanded since the year 2020. The pandemic accelerated India's growth in online video consumption, but there was already a growing need for online education providers. Since the start of 2020, Classplus has increased its content library by 2,700%, adding close to 5.6 million videos.

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