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TeacherKit: The classroom management app instructors will adore

    What is TeacherKit?

    The teacher's organizer is the Teacher Kit. It makes it possible for teachers to plan lessons and students. Teachers can keep tabs on their pupils' attendance, grades, and behaviour thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly layout. The ability to obtain attendance summaries, personalize grade book reports, save behavioural records, parent information, and more will be available to teachers. 

    Although TeacherKit has many capabilities as Schoology, it still provides most of what you need to run a classroom. You may construct a seating plan, keep track of behaviour, record grades, and track attendance. 

    You can also print and distribute reports and record behavioural notes to keep tabs on your kids' demeanours.


    What is TeacherKit used for?

    • There are many wonderful features in TeacherKit App. You create a class first while using the app. You can either use your photo or one of the app's images for each class you enrol in. The class is given a name, a code, a category, a description, and the period of time it meets. Teachers in secondary schools and college lecturers, in particular, would benefit from this as a technique to keep all classes separate, organized, and distinguishable.

    • Once your class has been established, you can begin enrolling students. Either manually enter their details or add students from your contacts list. You can write each student's name, photo of them, email, parent's contact information, and any relevant notes on their card. Instead of digging through office records to get one student's phone number, this neatly gathers the entire student's pertinent information in one location. Additionally, having a photo next to each student's name on the roster will make it simpler for teachers to remember kids' names at the start of the school year.

    • The pupils' images help them learn their names, but they also make it easier for teachers to spot absent children during attendance. Simply scan around the room, note the vacant seat, and refer back to your seating chart to determine who should be seated there and mark them absent because when you go to take attendance on TeacherKit, it appears on the seating chart.

    • Even though the attendance just has the two options of present and absent by default, it is simple to add other options like tardy or excused by going into the settings. Additionally, there is a space to add remarks to the attendance, such as that one student left class before or that it was a vacation and several students were absent.

    • Teachers can plan their days using the timetable tool in TeacherKit. On TeacherKit, you can't create lesson plans, but you can jot down which lesson you are going to teach and when, allowing you to schedule your day down to the minute, including lunch and those always-needed breaks.

    • On TeacherKit, a grade book enables teachers to record grades and even supports weighted assignments. There is a space for reports after the grade book. As a result, you can view the class as a whole. The averages for all other data on TeacherKit, such as attendance, behaviours, grade distributions, and class grade point averages, are available.

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    TeacherKit classroom manager:

    Worldwide, more than a million educators entrust TeacherKit with the task of scheduling their time and activities. Teacherkit for windows is downloaded quickly, and it will be your classroom assistant, handling everything from keeping track of grades and taking attendance to manage conduct and producing progress reports. All this is possible with a few swift taps and swipes, and the user-friendly interface instantly creates data visualizations for entire classes and specific pupils. Contacting children and their parents is a cinch using the student-profile system. The premium version adds the capacity to send comprehensive progress reports with breakdowns of behaviour and attendance.

    Important TeacherKit Features:

    • Plan your class schedule.
    • Upload your student list.
    • Record each student's attendance.
    • Make a seating arrangement for your pupils and print it.
    • Add to the pupils conduct notes
    • Establish a grading system and keep track of pupil’s grades.
    • Keep track of your student's performance and the general development of the class.
    • Inform your parents.

    TeacherKit improves the experience and enables you to work even more efficiently with reporting and many incredible features.

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    Is the TeacherKit App free?

    It costs nothing to download and TeacherKit is free. With reporting and a huge of incredible features, TeacherKit Premium improves the experience and enables you to work even more efficiently.

    It is Excellent for grades K–12 and beyond. Although this one is only accessible as an app, it is available on all three major operating systems such as Teacherkit for windows, Android, and iOS. It is a fantastic tool for educators who want to run their courses remotely from a mobile device. And it is free.


    1). What is the purpose of TeacherKit?

    A registration app called TeacherKit makes managing the classroom so simple that it is enjoyable. You may manage the class, keep track of the kids' behaviour, attendance, and grades, and communicate with parents and students.

    2). How do TeacherKit works?

    Starting TeacherKit in your classroom is simple. Once TeacherKit is launched, all your classes will be shown on the home page. Adding a new class or importing your students' data into a new class is all required.

    3). After setting up TeacherKit, will I couldn't locate my data?

    Your device stores your TeacherKit data locally. Your information is not kept in the cloud by TeacherKit. Your data is not deleted if you update TeacherKit from a prior version. After updating your iOS, if you installed TeacherKit from scratch from the AppStore, it starts from scratch because it does not store your data in the cloud.

    4). Is it achievable to set up a gradebook for several classes at once?

    The gradebook can be readily customized in one class, exported as a gradebook template, and then imported into any other class.

    5). How can I sign up or log in to TeacherKit?

    To use TeacherKit in-class activities, you must either establish a new account or log in. Once TeacherKit is installed and launched, you are greeted by the welcome screens and can choose to Register or Login using an existing account.

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