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The 9 Key Advantages to Video Advertising

    Video advertising has been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that it's become so popular. Video ads are not only good for promoting your business or brand but also to get engagement from your customers and making them feel like they’re talking to a real person. It can be difficult to know where to start with video advertising, though.

    Video Advertising

    What is Video Advertising?

    Video advertising is a form of online marketing that uses videos to promote products and services. Video ads are more engaging than other forms of digital marketing because they can be personalized and interactive - but they are also expensive. So it's important to know how you should use them if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

    The Best Way To Create Advertising Videos

    The first step is to create your video. You can make videos using your phone or camera, or use a free video editing tool.

    Once you have the raw footage that you want to include in your ad, edit it. Make sure to add music to video to make it more engaging. Be sure that each social media platform has its own unique version of your ad by converting it accordingly (e.g., Facebook video ads require a different format than Twitter's).

    Once you have your video, it's time to create a compelling call to action. This will be the part of your ad that tells people what they can do next, whether it's watching more content or downloading an eBook. Include this CTA at the end of your video and make sure it stands out from everything else on the screen.

    Your next step is to create an ad campaign and set up your budget. The platform that you're using will have its own unique ways of doing this; however, most will ask you to choose a target audience and budget before going live with your video. You can also use tools like Google's keyword planner to figure out which keywords are relevant as well as their average cost per click (CPC).

    9 Key Advantages of Using Video Ads

    → Increase Brand Awareness:

    Video ads are an excellent way to boost brand awareness, which is the first step in the customer journey.

    When you choose a video ad, you’re giving viewers a reason to learn more about your business and become invested in it. They're more likely, than static images or text, to be shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram—which can help increase reach by up to 10 times! And finally, videos are an ideal medium for telling stories. Whether it's through animated GIFs or just plain storytelling with still photos and voice over, they allow brands to establish trustworthiness quickly by conveying their values through words and visuals that convey meaning clearly in just seconds of viewing time (and then again when users rewatch them).

    → Engaging and Entertaining Customers

    Video ads are more engaging than text-based ads. Video ads can be entertaining, persuasive, or educational.

    An entertaining video ad is a great way to engage your customers and keep them interested in what you have to offer. The entertainment factor keeps the viewer watching until the end of the ad, which increases brand recall and memorability for future purchases.

    ● An persuasive video ad provides information about why customers should buy from you instead of another company—this type of ad works well alongside testimonials from satisfied customers praising their experience with your product or service.

    ● A educational video ad can teach viewers about how to use your product or service in an easy-to-understand way. For example, if you're selling a new smartphone app, an instructional video could share tips on how best to use it while showing off its features at the same time.

    → Increased Conversions

    Video ads are more likely than static image ads to lead to conversions. According to a study conducted by Google for its DoubleClick Ad Exchange, video advertising can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. The same study found that users who view video advertisements are up to two times more likely than those who do not view them to complete the desired action (for example, making a purchase or signing up for something). Video ads also tend to be much more engaging and click through rate (CTR) compared with static image ads.

    → More In-Depth Messaging

    Video ads are a great way to showcase more information than an image or text could provide. Images can be used to show the product, but they only show one angle at one time. Video ads can be used to give more information than text and allow you to explain something in greater detail. As an example, if you are selling a new phone case with a kickstand feature on Amazon, you could show how it works by showing your phone propped up against the table in front of you while talking about how easy it is for people who like watching videos on their phones while doing other things around the house.

    Video ads can also be used as demonstrations of a service, tutorial, or DIYs that someone might need - from helping with fixing car engines to getting computers fixed after a virus attack (though this would need some kind of disclaimer). You can even use video adverts as instructional resources for learning how something works without having any prior knowledge about it! For example: "How To Use Your New Portable Solar Panel With Battery Backup"

    The possibilities are endless!

    → Builds Trust & Customer Loyalty

    A key factor in successful marketing is building trust. The best way to build trust with your customers is by showing them who you are—your values, mission, and products or services. Video advertising gives you an opportunity to do all of these things.

    Video ads are a great way for companies to show their values and mission because they’re more engaging than advertisements from print or social media channels (like Facebook). Companies can also use video ads to show off their products and services, but what about the people behind those products?

    Video ads are a powerful tool for building trust by allowing customers to get an inside look at how employees work together as part of a team. Customers often look up videos on YouTube before making purchases so that they know how reliable or trustworthy other consumers think the company is.

    → Personalization

    Personalization is the ability to tailor content to fit the needs of an individual or a group. Several factors can be used to personalize content, including location, age and gender. In addition, you can use data from other platforms (such as Facebook) to optimize your ad campaign.

    → Increases Visibility in Search Engines

    You don't have to do much digging to find well-researched reports that show the benefits of video advertising.

    One such report comes from Google and AdRoll, which found that videos receive a better click-through rate (CTR) than standard text ads. This means people are more likely to click on your video ad than on an ad without one.

    → Target Specific Audiences & Gain Insights into Your Customers' Needs

    Using video allows you to target specific audiences. This can be helpful if you have a niche audience or want to get the attention of a specific group.

    For example, if your business sells bikes, and you want to reach out to bike enthusiasts in Los Angeles, it would make sense for you to create videos that speak directly to them. You could show off new models of bikes or highlight deals on bike accessories, making sure that these videos were shared on social media accounts targeted at L.A.-area cyclists.

    This is also an opportunity for businesses who are looking for more information about their customers' needs so they can improve their products or services accordingly - something that's especially important during the early stages of building up any online presence!

    → Content Flexibility and Ease of Sharing

    In addition to the video ads being shorter and easier for viewers to digest, they also have more flexibility in terms of where they can be shared. In fact, video ads can be embedded on other websites (such as news sites) and shared through social media channels. They’re also great for email marketing—just make sure that you aren’t sending PDFs or long brochures in your emails! Video advertising offers an easy way to share your message with a wide audience without taking up too much time on either side.

    You can reach a larger audience with video ads

    ● Video ads are shown to people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service.

    ● Video ads are more likely to be viewed.

    ● Video ads can be targeted to specific audiences and locations. You can also target your video ads based on interests, gender or age group (among other variables).


    There are many ways that you can take advantage of video advertising, but we believe these nine benefits to be the most valuable. Video ads may seem like they’re only for big brands with budgets to spare, but they actually have a lot of advantages over traditional text or banner ads. They can help increase your brand awareness and attract new customers while also telling them more about your products or services through detailed messaging. They also offer personalization options that allow users to see content relevant only to their interests—which means fewer irrelevant clicks! 

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