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Top 11 Reasons Why You Need Video on Your Website

 Do you remember early websites that had Flash videos on them? They required you to download flash program to work and then would take forever to load. More often than not you would leave the website in frustration, without having viewed the video.

As with all things, internet times have changed. “No longer is it necessary to download a program so that you can view a video. And they are now seamless and fast to view.” Says the lead website developer for Small Business Website Designs 

If you engage with your website visitors, they are likely to engage with your business. If you can get them to show and share your video with others, then you could see your popularity take off in leaps and bounds. Even if all you do is educate your visitors with your video, then it will be of benefit all around.

Why need video on website

The Top 11 Benefits of Having a Video On Your Website

    #1. Conversion Rate Optimisation

    What is this? If you want to increase your conversions and get more people spending more money with you, then adding a quality professional video to your website is one of the most powerful ways to do this. It boosts trust, showcases who you are and what your business is about, and makes people want to engage further with your brand. 

    #2. Recognition

    The rule of 7 says that people need to see your messaging 7 times before they’ll buy from you, so get your face out there! It is all about branding and ensuring that your customers can feel familiar and comfortable with you. If they feel like they know what you are about they are more inclined to trust you. You also need to make sure that there is a cohesive approach to the video, and that it fits with the overall display and message of the site.

    #3. Click-Through Rate

    The intent of getting people onto our site is to capture their attention and to have them stay long enough on the site to understand fully what benefits they would have from working with your business. With a quality video on your front page, people are more likely to visit more pages on your site.

    #4. Mobiles and Tablets

    More than ever people are using portable devices to surf the web. They also stay for a shorter time on each site. A video can help you disseminate vital information quickly and efficiently, creating a more lasting memory.

    #5. Visitor Retention

    Research has shown that visitors to your site are more likely to watch a video on your front page and that the majority of users will spend 3 minutes viewing a video. Don’t bore them with repetition and unnecessary content.

    #6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    One of the most powerful tools that having a video on your website is that you can build in keywords to your video. The viewer will not feel the effects of this as it is in the background. But it will certainly make it easier for your searches to capture your audience. A well-worded video that captures the keywords will increase your search results.

    #7. Engaging Your Customers

    A sad truth is that we are all lazy, tired and overworked. If you could watch a video rather than read through pages, wouldn’t you find that preferable? If it also engages and entertains you – all the better.

    #8. ROI

    It has been shown that the return on investment is very high with video content on websites. And with the high volume of video production, the costs of producing video content have been reduced.

    #9. Viral Content

    One of the most sought-after results of posting a video is for it to go viral. If people consider your content to be compelling, funny, and of value to their contacts, they will share the video on their social media platforms. This provides you with a low-cost marketing tool that you will reap the benefits of.

    #10. Rankings

    When you post a new video the contents can improve your SEO, and your search results and page listings will improve. 

    #11. Fun Factor

    To engage, educate and amuse. That is what we need to do to get the most value from our website. The more people engage with your website the stronger the connection between you. A win/win for all concerned.

    Some Video No-Nos

    Embedding a video on your front page is important, but here are some hints to improve the experience.

    Do not have it set to autoplay: When someone visits your site you do not want to bombard them with a video, you want them to want to look at the video and be engaged.

    Don’t embed it with loud music: You need to avoid scaring people with smack-in-the-face music. Even if the music you choose is very popular, not all visitors will want to listen to it.

    Optimise the video: The last thing visitors to the site want is a slow-loading video that makes them wait for it to load.

    At the end of the day, we all want to be noticed. To get your website noticed you would greatly benefit from adding a video or two to your site. Putting together a quality video for your business is a fixed cost that will continue to reap you the rewards for years to come. Each time you post it back on your social media or a new person finds it, you will remind people why they want to work with you so find a good video production company to work with you within your budget and make your video look professional. Or take the video on a quality smart phone and get a professional editor to put something together for you. The finishing product will be worth it in the long run! 

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