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Do You Know the Reasons Why Outlook PST Files Face Corruption?

 The MS Outlook application is present in the business world for decades. It is probably the most popular email client platform that provides businesses and organizations with various benefits. When MS Outlook first stepped into the world of the corporate sector, web-based email services such as Yahoo mail or Gmail didn’t exist. Not to mention, server changes were also not possible. Over the last couple of decades, MS Outlook evolved and established itself as a productivity tool and a popular multipurpose email client. MS Outlook dominates the email client platform even today as it has more than a million users worldwide. 

PST Files Face Corruption

However, even though the best effort from the MS developers, the Outlook application suffers from one major drawback. That is the PST files. We are not saying that the PST files are irrelevant and they don’t come in handy. The PST files are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of MS Outlook. But the problem lies within the PST files. The underlying PST data files are extremely corruption-prone. Sometimes the corruption of the PST files is so severe that users end up losing all the essential data. To prevent your essential data from being damaged, you need to take steps that will prevent PST corruption in the first place. Continue reading the article to know more. 

    Corruption of Header Due to File Download or Transfer

    If you’re facing corrupted PST, this might be one of the most common causes you need to be aware of. When you access the internet to download the PST files on your system or transfer the PST files from one system to another, the chances of your system facing header corruption is extremely high. Unless you use the ScanPST tool or other types of third-party PST recovery tools to perform a recovery, the PST files will be corrupted and inaccessible. This is why you should not transfer the PST files through cloud networks. Even the MS developers are against this move. 

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    Crash of Hard Disk

    The primary job of the PST files is to store all the essential MS Outlook components such as emails, calendar items, texts, notes, etc. in the hard drive or physical drive of the system. But many people don’t know the fact that the hard drive that contains the stored PST files can crash occasionally. This problem is more specific if your system runs on HDD. When the hard drive is crashed, the PST files will be inaccessible. In some cases, the hard drive will create bad sectors which will affect the PST files stored on the disk. This is why you need to use SSD as they are less prone to crashes. As per Tech Buyer, SSDs come with longer lifespan. 

    Virus Attacks 

    This is one of the most common causes of PST data file corruption. If you cannot find any proper cause of the PST data file crash or corruption, assume that your system as well as the files and software items have been inf3ected by viruses and malware attacks. Some specific types of Trojans and malware target only the PST data files and make them inaccessible. If the virus attack is strong, the PST files will be corrupted permanently. Even if you successfully remove the malware from your system, the PST files won’t be recovered and you need to use recovery tools to gain access again. Consider using top-quality antivirus and internet protection that will prevent the malware from affecting your PST files. 

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    Data Limits 

    Perhaps the most common cause of PST file corruption is the data limit of the PST files themselves. Depending on the Microsoft Office version you’re using, the size of the PST data files is not unlimited. They will feature specific sizes such as 2GB, 20GB, and 50GB as per the Outlook version. When you don’t clean your mailbox items and garbage bin properly, the size of the PST files will cross their higher value, which will undoubtedly corrupt the PST files. Even though the recent editions of MS Outlook come with PST files of 50GB which will help you mitigate this issue, the older versions don’t feature such high storage space. 

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    Irrelevant Plug-Ins

    You have heard that plug-ins are great and they will make your job less daunting. But do you know that the same plug-ins are responsible for frequent PST file corruption? When you use third-party faulty plug-ins, the PST files will undoubtedly corrupt. Since the MS Outlook application is used widely, the MS developers come with different types of plug-ins that are capable of boosting the performance of the software itself. However, in rare cases, the plug-ins themselves conflict with the software and corrupt the underlying PST files. 


    These are the most common causes of PST data file corruption. As PST file corruption is inevitable, you need to use third-party recovery tools that will help you restore the corrupted PST data files. If you think that the PST files of your system are corrupted, you need to use our PST data recovery tool as soon as possible. 

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