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Recommended Methods To Convert Exchange OST to PST

If you think about how to convert exchange OST to PST, it becomes a problem. It usually requires support as the process is a complicated one. This article is to assist you to convert OST to PST using some manual methods.

Methods To Convert Exchange OST to PST

Let us first get to know the OST file and PST in better terms.


In case you are asking about OST, then let me know you OST is an Outlook file. Outlook supports the feature to store files for you in an offline mode. Hence, it is extremely significant and more adopted by end-users. Outlook OST to PST file allows access to offline data and syncing changes when back online.


PST is a service of Microsoft Outlook that attains a Personal Storage Table. The outlook is a desktop email client. It is an element of Microsoft Office Suite. It is also known as Personal Information Manager because it assists in managing the calendar and contacts of users. Outlook also allows Search, Spam Filter, Rules, and several more remarkable characteristics that deliver the email facility apparent.

Now, according to the topic moving forward to convert Outlook OST to PST.

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Recommended Method to Convert Exchange OST to PST

There are two methods available to execute the OST to PST Conversion process:

  1. The Manual Method: It consists of two methods
    1. Using the Import/Export Method
    2. By Drag & Drop option
    3. Use Outlook Archive feature to convert OST file to PST. 
  1.  The Professional Method: Using the Best OST to PST Converter

According to the query on how to convert OST to PST file format, here we will discuss three manual methods here.

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Note: Make a copy of the original data before the conversion process. Original data will help you to keep your data safe. The manual method has some limitations which may cause data loss.

Method 1:

A. Import/ Export Method

        First, launch MS Outlook.

        Then, Go to the File tab and hit on it.

        Choose the Import/Export option.

        Moreover, prefer the option “Export a file”.

        After that click on the Next button.

        Now, choose the Personal file folder (.pst)

        Click on the Next button for further procedures.

        Go to parent root and hit on Include Subfolders.

        Browse to specify the path to the resultant file. 

This is one of the manual methods to convert OST to PST.

B. By Drag and Drop method we can convert exchange OST to PST.

If the users here require to build a new PST file. Then choose all the OST mailbox data that you want to convert to Outlook PST then implement the drag and drop option to do so.

        First, Open the MS Outlook program.

        Then, create a new PST file in the Outlook program.

    Choose all the OST mailbox data to convert them to PST file format. Besides, copy and paste all of the mailbox data into the recently created PST file.


If you are unable to convert the OST to PST then we can try another way to convert.

C. Use Outlook Archive feature to convert exchange OST to PST

After allowing the archiving feature in Microsoft Outlook, emails will get automatically stored in PST file format. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps-


        First, open Microsoft Outlook.

        Then go to the File section.

        Hit on the Options.

        Besides that go to the advanced section.

        Click on Auto Archive settings to do the process.

        Browse the location to determine the path to save the resultant archived file.


These are the manual method to convert OST to PST file format. Moreover, by implementing the manual method you may face some limitations. Some of the limitations are:


        It is a time-taking process and the conversion rate is very slow in it.

        The manual method does not help in the conversion of corrupt OST files.

        Require the technical expertise while doing this by manual method.

        A heavy risk of data loss during the process of conversion.


Finally, to avoid such circumstances we are suggesting the Best OST to PST File Converter that helps you in conversion. This is the professional approach to do the conversion process.

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Method 2: Professional Approach to convert Exchange OST to PST

You can also use the alternative professional solution. DRS OST to PST Converter is a trending tool to convert the OST to PST file easily. This Utility is enhanced with an advanced algorithm to protect you from data loss. The OST File to PST file Converter is created to convert MS Outlook Offline OST to PST files. This tool can be used on MS Outlook 2016 and on all its below versions. The tool does not require any technical expertise to do the process. Let’s have a look at some of the features of the tool.



        Capable of opening a Corrupt OST File and then converts it to PST.

        It also supports and converts Encrypted OST files as well.

        In this professional tool, there are no file size limitations.

        Develops with an advanced search option to find an individual file in your system.

        It gives the best & easy GUI so that each user can run it individually.

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The Above blog is related to the recommended method to convert exchange OST to PST. In the manual method, there are some limitations and risks to the loss of our important data. So, we have suggested a professional approach which is a free OST to PST converter to convert for the first 50 emails. We are suggesting to use the OST to PST file converter for a hassle-free and quick solution of conversion.

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