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How to Join MLBB Creator Base Camp to claim rewards

    Overview mlbb creator camp

    The Mobile Legends Bang Bang community is not only restricted to gamers. There are streamers, pro players, tutorial masters, cosplayers, and much more. This will be done through Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Creator Camp. 

    If you are interested in content creation about MLBB, then the creator camp becomes essential. This might be just gameplay with live-streaming or tutorial videos. 

    With comics, cosplay, memes, and other creative works, MLBB is more than welcome to invite you into a like-minded people’s community. 

    If this sounds good, then read this blog to learn how to join and win rewards as a creator:

    MLBB Creator Camp

    What is MLBB Creator Camp?

    The MLBB is actually a community of members aimed at helping aspiring content creators. They help them by giving them the necessary resources they need. The help will be really useful as long as you are willing to learn and have a creative mindset. You can also get rewards with limited edition skins, an exclusive profile border, and access to the advanced server.

    How to join MLBB Creator Base?

    There is an option for content creators who are interested in joining MLBB but have little knowledge or do not possess any experience. You also get an opportunity to learn from experts in thumbnail creation and video editing, which will help you in producing the best MLBB content. If you truly believe that you possess these qualities, you can apply by visiting the official website. On the website, you join the official discord server and fill out the application from the beginning. 

    Despite the fact that it can’t be for everyone, the MLBB creator camp is an excellent opportunity to kick-start your career. Especially for content creators who enjoy it while enjoying a game. With a little luck and hard work, you might find it more enjoyable and will make it a hobby.

    There are three main requirements for you to join the MLBB creator camp, they are:

    1. You must have an interest in playing Mobile Legends.

    2. You must have a channel on Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, or Instagram.

    3. You must be willing to learn something new and love to create content.

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    To win Rewards in MLBB as a content creator.

    Joining the creator camp will definitely get you some amazing benefits. By publishing new content every week, you can win limited skins, diamonds, and advanced server permission as well. Your content can also be featured on the official pages of MLBB’s social media sites and also the Creator Camp Discord server. There is an opportunity to receive a monthly diamond salary, an in-game verification, and some other rewards if you are an exceptional content creator. Each week, the content creators will be given a different kinds of missions. The content will be evaluated by creativity, style, and viewership.

    For top work in content meetings, the creator will be rewarded 500 diamonds. For content that has to meet the standards of excellent work, 150 diamonds are rewarded. If you are submitting your first creative work, you can win extra 50 diamonds. If you are ranked in the first 100 who submitted each week, for that too, you will be rewarded with 50 diamonds. This doesn’t take into account the work awarded. The best part is there is no maximum quota for the rewards, so everyone has an equal chance to win diamonds.

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    Final Words

    This is the best platform for those who want to start content creation. MLBB creator camp will help you to learn new skills for content making. You can join this platform and use this whenever you get your free time.

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