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Shop2Game - 🎮 Available Games on dashboard

    In this technology era, people loves to play online games. There are many game are available to play online or on mobile devices. Some of the latest trending games are Battleground Mobile IndiaSplatoon 3, Pokemon and so on. 

    What is Shop2Game?

    In this latest post we are going to let you know about shop2game and how could you play videos game by using this shop2game platform. 

    Shop2game or chop 2 game is a online website and app to play games online provided by Garena. There are two games are available here to play online. First one is Free Fire and second one is Kingdom of Pirates. There are two ways to play online games on shop2game. 

    First one is by login Facebook and the second way is by login Garena. Now you are thinking that why to login with Garena, right? Because this platform is provide by Garena, simple. 


    Now it is possible to play video games online with the help of shop2game and this is super easy nothing to hassle in it. There are many country and language options are available in it. 

    The country and languages are available there are MENA, UAE, EGYPT, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and Palestine. 

    You can choose according to the available and vantage that is good fit for you.

    Games that are available on shop2game

    As we have already told you above about the shop2game or chop 2 game that there are two games are available here. First is Free Fire and second one is Kingdom of Pirates. User can play any game directly by login via Facebook or Garena.

    ✔️ Free Fire

    Free Fire

    Free Fire is the ultimate royale shooter game available to play on shop2game. On each game there are 50 players and Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are playing  against 49 other players, all are fighting each others. Each Player freely choose their starting position with their parachute, furthermore intend to remain in the protected zone to the extent that this would be possible. 

    Drive vehicles to explore the colossal aide, stow away in the wild, or become subtle by proning under grass or breaks. Snare, kill, make due, there is just a single objective: to get by and answer the honorable obligation.

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    ✔️ Kingdom of Pirates

    Kingdom of Pirates

    Kingdom of Pirates is a pay-to-play kind of action-adventure RPG available to play on shop2game. 

    In this game there is some difficulties to progress or to complete the stages without paying for some extra bonuses. There are lots of items in this game to be earned.

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    How to play games on shop2game

    Playing game on shop2game is an easy process in fact it’s too much easy and hassle free. You just need a computer and an internet connection. Now start your computer and open browser in the device. If you don’t have browser then install it. Now in browser open the website 

    After opening the website select your country and the language that one  you want to use. After choosing the country and location now choose your game that is Free Fire or Kingdom of Pirates. After choosing the game a pop will be open and will ask for login. 

    Now login with your facebook or garena account. It’s all done, now enjoy playing your game and forget everything. 

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