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How to Delete Reddit Account on Mobile app or Website?

    Reddit is one of the mostly used social media platforms on the internet. It has a large number of forums and communities called subreddits where users can share news and other information and comment on the posts of others. Many users desire to cancel their Reddit accounts, despite the platform having millions of monthly active users. 

    Reddit can take up a lot of time and add to your digital clutter. Furthermore, the platform has encountered data security difficulties in the past. Users have previously expressed dissatisfaction with social platforms that share user information with third companies, such as Reddit. While some implementation might help close some of these gaps, many businesses are still far from being compliant. 

    Did you know that you may disable information sharing in Reddit's profile settings? Probably not, because this is not something Reddit brags about. If you are worried about your Reddit upvotes being misused, you might want to avoid Reddit completely. 

    So, what happens if you unsubscribe from Reddit? So here are some lists of steps to delete your Reddit account.

    Delete Reddit Account

    What you need to know before deleting the Account?

    You can prefer to deactivate your account on Reddit. This deactivation is irreversible. Your profile will be lastingly detached from Reddit after you deactivate your Account, and your username will be removed as well. Any Reddit posts or comments you have made, on the other side, will stay on the site, and they just won't be associated with your Reddit username.

    What happens when you eliminate your Reddit account?

    • Your profile will be permanently removed from the platform if you delete your Reddit account. You will not be able to rebuild access to your Account in the future because the process is irrevocable. Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit does not allow you to temporarily disable your Account, so be certain before proceeding. This Reddit calls process to deactivate rather than deletion, but unlike other social media that distinguish the two, Reddit has no such separation. But the deactivation method is permanent on Reddit. This means there is no option to reactivate your Account should never feel like doing this so.

    • Your user ID will no longer be associated with any of your posts or answers once you delete your Reddit account. However, all of your comments will remain on Reddit and will now be identified by the username. Before you remove your Account, you can manually erase all of your Reddit posts.

    Delete your Reddit account using the windows website:

    You need to follow the below guide to delete your Reddit account using the windows website.

    • First, you need to do is go to the Reddit website and log in with your Account. Now just tap or click on your user name or the profile at the top right corner. From the drop-down list of options, click the user settings.

    Sign in to reddit account

    • You need to scroll to the bottom of the setting and click on the deactivate Account.

    setting reddit account


    • You must now re-enter your account credentials, such as username and password, to confirm that you are the one seeking the account deactivation. Also, make sure you understand that terminated accounts cannot be recovered. Last but not least, click the red Deactivate button.

    re-enter account credentials

    • Now confirm your action by clicking the deactivate button on the next pop-up screen. Your Reddit account will now be deleted everlastingly.

    Permantly Delete Reddit account

    Permanently delete your Reddit account using mobile phone app:

    • Reddit will not let you delete your Account directly from its mobile app. However, you can simply delete your Reddit account through the mobile site. The type of process is pretty much identical on android.

    • Open your Reddit on your phone with any browser and tap the menu, such as three parallel lines in the top-right corner. Now go to Account settings in Settings.

    • Deactivate Account can be found at the bottom of the next page. Re-enter your account credentials details to verify your identity. Then, on the website, verify that you recognize deactivated accounts are not recoverable and tap delete.

    • Finally, confirm your action by clicking on the deactivate button one last time to permanently delete your Reddit account.

    Simple steps to delete Reddit account:

    If you're considering deleting Reddit because you're weary of the negativity, you should probably do so right away. If you're new to the platform, make a point of visiting the website to learn more about what it has to offer. It hosts a number of subreddits catering to just about any conceivable interest ranging from the uplifting to the ridiculous. There are some great subreddits that you may subscribe to on Reddit. If none of those appeals to you, this guide will hopefully assist you in permanently deleting your Reddit account.

    Bottom line:

    Finally, if you are new to Reddit, you can also realize the potential Reddit account that can bring. If there is not the right subreddit for you, you need always to start your own. So these are the above-explained guide about how to delete a Reddit account.

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