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3 Ways Tech Can Complement Your New Business

Everybody has thought of starting their own business one day – it is one of life’s great dreams to be one’s own boss, to be able to choose to do what they love, and to be successful doing it. If you’re lucky enough to have started doing exactly that, the next step is to consider how the 21st century’s latest technology can complement your enterprise.

Tech Can Complement Your New Business

Read on to find out more about three key ways in which your business can be helped by embracing tech.


Good communication is key to business success. From effective corporate communications to simply getting a quick message across to employees, digital communications speed up the way colleagues speak to each other, receive information, and improve productivity. In terms of quick messaging, the popularity of WhatsApp has soared in recent years and is frequently used for forming group chats of both small teams and large cross-departmental groups. This is a fantastic use of technology for quick-fire or informal decision-making.

Video conferencing is also changing the face of business communications. Video giants Zoom and Skype are being joined by lesser-known apps such as VideoMeet as ways to conduct meetings remotely, meaning business decisions can be made on the move or between offices without delay.

Paying employees

Electronic systems that can plan and process payments to your employees is a remarkable upgrade from having to complete them manually. Using tech in this way will save you vast amounts of time and should, when used properly, reduce the number of errors made.

For instance, failing to accurately capture hours worked by employees is a common mistake related to RROP or regular rate of pay that could result in hot water should disputes arise. Therefore, having a digital and intuitive way of recording your team’s workweek is a valuable asset. Furthermore, any issues that do occur are much easier resolved when accurate workweek data has been saved to an electronic system.

Additionally, many businesses will use similar software for employees to take shifts, request time off, and register sick leave. This will update the hours worked in a workweek automatically and save payroll from having to sort through everybody’s absences and swapped shifts to work out who needs to be paid what.

Digital marketing

The number of new businesses being started is at a record high, so standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. By using state-of-the-art digital marketing techniques such as link building, having solid search engine optimization (SEO), email communications, and social media, you will be putting yourself at the forefront of your enterprise’s field.

While ‘old-fashioned’ marketing techniques still serve a purpose, using tech to your marketing advantage is one way to ensure your new business is as modern as possible. Tech can help take your business from a local affair to a global stage, with almost limitless potential.

The ways in which technology can serve you go on and on, but these three are an excellent place to start. From here, you can do great things with your business. 

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