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7 Best Websites to Find Rental Houses in Los Angeles

Real estate is a huge business in California, especially in Los Angeles. Nowadays, buying a house has become extremely expensive, and most people find it hard to afford one. So, many people prefer to get rental houses in LA because it is among the best affordable options to choose from. There are different styles of accommodation available throughout LA. 

Best Websites to Find Rental Houses in Los Angeles

Apart from the style, there are different rentals you can find in LA. The most common ones are townhouses, condos, houses, and apartments. In addition, there are multiple types of housing available, namely student housing, short-term rentals, long-term rentals, corporate housing, senior housing, and military housing.

This article will talk about the top 7 websites that you can use to find rental houses in LA.

    1. Cirtru

    Cirtru is one of the most popular and well-trusted rental housing sites in the United States of America. It is a platform whose primary purpose is to help users find rental properties in a safe and secure environment. In addition, a personalized search option is available on the website to help users find their desired type of accommodation. 

    Three Steps to find a rental house in LA through Cirtru:

    ● The first step is to shortlist rental rooms and homes based on your preferences.

    ● Cirtru allows you to connect to the landlord via Cirtru’s inbuilt chat feature. 

    ● Finalize and negotiate the deal with the landlord and pack your belongings to move into your new rental home.

    Distinctive features that Cirtru provides -

    ● It allows the users to sort and customize their rental search options. These preferences include whether or not to allow pets, smoking, drinking, partying, unauthorized people's stay, parking, etc. 

    ● This website is simple to use and provides an attractive visual display. 

    ● It provides results from a vast pool of data. 

    ● The prices listed for the rentals are as per market, which saves a lot of time for both the landlords and tenants negotiating over the rental property.

    2. Zillow

    This website is considered a local legend for finding houses for rent in Los Angeles. Zillow provides a wide range of options for rental properties, including rooms, homes, buildings, and apartments. This website allows you to explore rental homes in different locations in Los Angeles. One of the exciting features of this website is the Rent affordability calculator, which helps calculate your monthly savings based on your monthly net income and debts. 

    3. Trulia

    Trulia offers a simple interface for the users to search for rental homes in Los Angeles. This website properly guides you on every step towards buying or renting properties. You can search for rental apartments through the location, zip code, county, etc. Trulia also helps you save the searches you make and put them into your wishlist. In addition, you can check the availability of various apartments or rental properties or choose the option of letting the website notify you when the home is available for renting purposes.


    This website provides you with the feature of finding rental properties by navigating through a map. Prospective renters can use to conduct thorough online searches of property rentals to make their search effective and manageable. Unlike other time-consuming search methods, you can conduct an online search on from the comfort of your own home. You can create a quality list of rental options that meet your specific needs using online tools and then visit only the properties you hand-picked from your online search. also allows you to calculate rent prices based on your monthly income and expenses.

    5. Hotpads

    HotPads has a large number of rental listings. The website allows its users to navigate through many features such as adding a wishlist of shortlisted properties, turning on search alerts, or even sending feedback. This website facilitates you to choose a location where you want to find a rental house from a map of the city. You can even set certain filters such as commutation facilities, price, amenities, size of the rental home, etc. For easy access and convenience, you can download the Hotpads app.


    ForRent is an apartment finder website that allows you to find a rental home from a vast arena of choices. Every property on ForRent is vetted by a rental industry expert. You can choose from various rental properties, including a rental room, condo, townhouse, or apartment. This website provides distinct services, including helping you set up your rental budget, preparing a checklist for moving to the rental place, and offering tips on rentals. 

    7. Rentals

    People looking for houses for rent in Los Angeles or any part of America can use Rentals to find their desired accommodation type. People can search for rental homes based on their requirements, namely the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, rent, parking spaces, etc. This website is simple and provides streamlined search results for rental houses. One of the new features is screening for future tenants, which can be completed in simple steps of setting up an application and interviewing the potential tenants. 


    Finding houses for rent in Los Angeles is challenging since the prices are competitive, and not everyone has the time to conduct in-person inspections of the rental homes. However, the websites listed above are among the most popular ones that you can use to find your desired type of rental accommodation. Ensure that you choose a website that makes finding a room for rent in LA simpler. 

    Apart from that, the interface must provide advanced features that help you identify accurate and extensive information about the rental houses in LA. Lastly, before choosing a website for rental homes, ensure that the website you are using is verified by the appropriate authorities and provides the best possible facilities for finding a room and a roommate.  

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