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How to Make Your Own Animation (Quick & Easy)

Animation has made a distinctive position in the digital world. The animation is not only limited to kids but also present in education, business, and entertainment. 

Scientific study has proven that animated videos can leave a positive impression and be more memorable for the viewers. You can create animated characters for the growth of your profession or for making your presentation more appealing. 

Whatever the reason is you can make your own animation without putting in much effort and time as described in the given article. 

    Why Make Your Own Animation?

    If you are planning to hire an animator to create an animated advertisement or a presentation then don't do this. You can make your own animation without emptying your wallet. Following are the reasons that describe why you should make your own animation:

    For better communication

    By making your own animation, you can effectively communicate to the audience or the public. You know exactly what you want and self-satisfaction is necessary for a successful event. By using an animation maker like Doratoon you can deliver the message more effectively. 

    Better understanding

    Animated videos are more understandable. By creating your own animation you can tell a long story in a short time in an interesting way. If you are a presenter then by using animation you can make things more clear for the audience. It is obvious that animated visuals contain more understanding than traditional diagrams. 


    By making your own animation you can save a lot of your time. There are many well-working animation makers that you can easily access and within minutes you can create your own animated video. 


    In the past whenever a person needed to create an animated video he had to hire an animator which would take a lot of money. But now advanced technology has made this possible where you can create your own animation at your home without any previous experience or special skills. 

    How To Make Your Own Animation?

    Now the question arises of how you can make animation by yourself. There are alot of online and offline tools available that can let you create an animated video. Some are paid, and some need technical skills. You have to find something good, free, and easy to use. Doratoon is a single solution for all the animation issues. 

    Doratoon - Best Animation Maker

    Doratoon is a freely available online platform that offers you a lot of advanced tools to make your animation powerful and professional. 

    It is the best choice for beginners and for those who don't have technical skills, knowledge, or any previous experience. You can make your own animation without getting any type of external help. It contains a lot of uniquely designed templates for different purposes and for different fields. Just pick up a template and edit it. 

    It is not just an animation maker, it works also as a video editing tool. After making your own animation you can edit it to make it more personalised and customised. 

    Create Animation

    Step By Step Guidelines

    Using Doratoon for creating an animation is like a piece of cake. Even a layman can create an excellent animated video without putting in much effort and time. For your guidance a step by step guideline is provided below:

    Step 1. Go to Doratoon's official website and click on the signup button to create your free account. Here you have to provide your email address and a password. 

    Step 2. After signing up on your Doratoon account, choose workbench from the top menu.

    Step 3. Now you can either search or select a template or can create your own animation by clicking on the "create" button present in the top left corner. 

    Step 4. Now the main editing interface will open. Make your own animation by using the options present at the top and left sides.

    how to create animation

    After successfully making your animation, you have to click on the export button to download it to your device. Here you can also share it on any platform with your colleagues or friends. 

    Advantages Of Using Doratoon

    By relying on Doratoon you can enjoy the following advantages:

    Unlimited elements and templates

    Doratoon offers you access to alot of cartoon characters and props. You can choose the one according to your need or demand of the topic. On its official website, you will find many already made templates on various topics.

    AI dubbing

    Doratoon contains dubbing features that work by using artificial intelligence technology. It will convert your entered text into speech to create a dubbing effect.

    Add music

    You can add music or any type of audio file to your animation. You can also set the timeline of your animation. It also allows you to record yourself.

    Add pictures or videos

    You can personalize your animation to a Maximum extent by adding your pictures or videos. You can easily upload any file that is present on your computer or mobile phone.

    Convert PPT into an animated video

    If you are creating an animated presentation then Doratoon can help you to make a unique presentation where slides are converted into a video format. 

    Role of Animation in different fields of life 

    An animation is a helpful tool for a variety of teams including educators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and HR. A description is provided here describing how Doratoon can be helpful in different fields of life. 

    Role of animation


    By indulging animated videos in a study plan educators can deliver the concepts in a fun learning environment and this will surely improve all over the class performance. 


    You can create attractive and interesting promo ads and other types of content for your channels or brand to boost sales. 


    By using Doratoon’s PPT to video converter entrepreneurs can make amazing video presentations to present their ideas or strategies. 


    Now making your own animation is not a difficult task. Thanks to animation makers that are providing an easy and straightforward process for creating animations. Doratoon has made its distinctive position among all the available animation makers, especially for beginners. 

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