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SiteJabber Reviews: A brief Introduction of Sitejabber Authenticity

Users create accounts on Sitejabber to review and rate businesses online. The good news about the platform is that it allows entrepreneurs to collect customer reviews from the general public. Just like the Trustpilot platform, you can create an account on Sitejabber to collect feedback from the target audience.

Besides the Trustpilot website, Sitejabber is ranked among the most credible consumer protection websites. With a consumer rating of 4.09 stars from 1279 reviews, Sitejabber is ranked among the most trusted customer review platforms in the internet space.

Unlike other review platforms that may be challenging to use for beginners, Sitejabber not only comes with a user-friendly interface but also an education section that offers users a clue on how to use the platform.

With technological transformation that is taking shape in the digital market space, the majority of customers now rely on customer reviews to make buying decisions. Studies indicate that 54% of customers read at least four reviews before buying a product.

Sitejabber review

Are you looking for a legitimate customer review platform? In this article, we explore why Sitejabber is an ideal review platform that you should try out.

#1. Fast Approval

Sitejabber has responsive customer support that works round the clock to attend to customer queries. This means reviews posted on the Sitejabber website have a fast approval rate compared to other platforms.

#2. Ease of use

Sitejabber comes with an array of features that new users can easily navigate and leave reviews. Aside from helping you with a place where you can collect genuine customer reviews, Sitejabber has a straightforward feedback platform free from questionable practices used by other review platforms.

Even though the site lacks features available on other review websites, it comes with a free version that you can leverage to collect feedback from customers without breaking the bank. The simplicity and straightforward manner in which features are displayed on the site makes it appealing for both new and established brands.

Therefore you can leverage Sitejabber to not only improve google ranking but also process reviews fast and instantly. You can therefore easily manage your review experience from a single user interface designed to moderate, collect and verify reviews.

#3. Genuine Reviews

Unlike dozens of other review platforms that provide fake reviews, users can easily respond to customer feedback and integrate excerpt widgets into their websites. Additionally, the review summaries can appear in google searches of your business profile which is a plus.

With genuine reviews, you can not only scale up your business but also collect regular feedback from customers. In the long run, you will be able to understand what customers want and align your business to conform to the needs of your target market. Moreover, it's an effective tool that you can use to monitor what other people are saying about your main competitors.

Generally, the key advantage of using Sitejabber reviews is that it makes you get important feedback from customers which is valuable for growth and better performance.

#4. Free basic feature

While it may cost you an arm and leg to collect customer feedback from the target audience, the Sitejabber website offers a free version that you can use to collect reviews. Even though it may cost you to access advanced features on the website, the basic version serves small businesses and individuals operating under a limited budget.

Depending on what you want to achieve with Sitejabber reviews, you can choose a package that suits your budget. Having said that, Sitejabber allows you to share a link to your Sitejabber reviews so that customers can review your products or services.

Besides affordable plans, Sitejabber integrates easily with other sites. This makes it easy for users to collect and display reviews from customers. 

#5. Doesn’t approve fake reviews

The key advantage of using the Sitejabber review platform is that it doesn't approve fake reviews. Remember fake reviews are misleading and tend to manipulate buyers to buy from the wrong platforms.

To save users from the agony of misleading reviews, Sitejabber only approves and displays real reviews from real people. If you are skeptical about displaying negative feedback which may hurt the reputation of your business, Sitejabber comes with a dispute system that users can use to resolve emerging issues. That way, you not only protect the reputation of your brand but also eliminate the chances of fake reviews from unscrupulous individuals out to injure your reputation.

#6. Reputation Management

A good reputation goes a long way in improving the performance of your business. Once people are skeptical about the credibility of your brand, they are unlikely to purchase your products. It is against this backdrop that Sitejabber provides a straightforward space where you can not only interact with customers but also address their concerns.

While managing negative customer reviews to protect your image may be challenging on other platforms, you can leverage the dispute system on Sitejabber to respond to negative feedback and build trust with the target market.

The more people trust you the more they are likely to refer other customers to buy your products. We, therefore, recommend that you use Sitejabber to manage customer reviews and protect your brand image.

Contrary to other platforms that may manipulate customer reviews to favor users and mislead potential customers, Sitejabber features highly guarded features that make it difficult for unscrupulous individuals to infiltrate. This is why the platform is not only ranked among the best review platforms globally but scores higher in customer satisfaction.

#7. High Customer Base

Sitejabber is ranked among the top review websites Worldwide. Since the platform was introduced into the market back in 2007, it has managed to attract over 100 million customers and reviewed more than 180,000 businesses.

The huge number of a user is a clear indication of how credible the platform is in terms of hosting customer reviews. The high number of users that have flooded the platform over the years is attributed to responsive customer support and reliable services.

Today, many businesses are now using Sitejabber to not only collect customer reviews but also manage feedback. That said, if you don't manage feedback, it may be challenging to build customer reputation since failure to respond to customer inquiries may taint the image of your brand.


If you are stuck on how to collect more reviews for your products, you can move your business to Sitejabber. The platform not only has responsive customer support to attend to customer queries but also comes with an array of widgets that suit the needs of every business.

For new users, the site is easy to use, post, and navigate. The bottom line is that Sitejabber is a valuable review platform that connects observers, buyers, and sellers to see what other people are saying about various brands.

The good news is that Sitejabber reviews mostly appear on google searches making it easy for people to access your products once they search online. In the long run, you stand a chance to collect important feedback that you can use to improve customer delivery.

Without customer feedback, you may not know what is right for your target market. This may not only make it challenging for you to grow your business but also align your business objectives to suit the needs of the target market.

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