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Tech Trends That Will Shake Up E-Commerce

The evolution of the technological world is never-ending, spreading in many industries. These days, no business can develop without innovative technologies and software solutions of different types that help improve their services and boost customer experience. Talking about the e-commerce industry, people expect easy, quick, and convenient solutions where they can make online purchases and receive their orders in time. The competition in the e-commerce industry is really high and if you want to stay in-game, you need to surely implement the latest tech trends within your e-commerce solution. 

What are these trends and what advantage can you gain from them? Keep reading to find out from our fresh article. 

Technology trends

Self-service portals for consumers

Self-service portals provide a smooth customer experience by ensuring quick and intuitive order creation. Currently, most e-commerce platforms turn to a self-service buying opportunity for their consumers. It entails making purchases, creating and processing orders, setting the delivery address, and getting the shipment with no additional resources. Also, customers can find all answers to the common questions on this portal. A self-service portal provides an advantage for the consumers who will receive a seamless experience with your services, as well as for your company workers who will be able to dedicate more time to other tasks or communication with customers. 

Personalized customer experience 

Each customer has to be provided with personalized content and special offers due to their purchases. You need to explore the needs and preferences of each of your regular consumers. Of course, this is impossible to execute manually. Thus, artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations are expected to be implemented within e-commerce. These technologies are capable of collecting all data about customers available on the platform, analyzing it by person, and providing valuable insights and customer behaviors. Such innovations help businesses follow a data-driven approach to use all information that a company receives effectively and take advantage of its analysis. 

Going mobile

Mobile application or mobile-optimized platform is a sure tech trend for e-commerce. So you need to focus on providing an excellent mobile experience for your customers. The number of mobile-based sales rises as people don't like spending much time attending physical locations and prefer making online purchases. There are several methods of reaching out to your customers online:

●Mobile apps—a separate mobile application is able to dive your customers in the entire world of your brand, providing constant interaction with your company, making the purchase quick and easy;

●Provide products to specific locations—it is possible due to the monitoring of purchases via mobile app;

● VR\AR shopping assistants that provide the effect of the presence and online personal shopping assistance;

● Internet of Things technology is responsible for connecting all devices that your customers may use when making purchases on your e-commerce app; thereby, you can also track the behaviors and experiences they get. 

Voice search assistant

Voice assistants are being widely implemented within different devices and online platforms to make the customer experience more advanced. We all know Siri and Alexa—voice assistance solutions that are implemented in smart devices in order to interact with consumers all around the clock. E-commerce solutions are not an exception and are expected to integrate voice search via their platforms. Despite the vast variety of products or services, voice search will help users find the needed goods as soon as possible. There is no need to surf the entire website and visit plenty of pages to find what your customers require to buy. This will definitely attract new and regular customers as the experience they are going to receive correlates to their expectations. 

Cybersecurity measures

Cybersecurity is a pivotal option for digital platforms of all specializations. Talking about e-commerce platforms, each customer who wants to make an online purchase has to register on the website like Xabay and create a personal account. Registration means transferring personal data like name, address, credit card, or bank account information to execute online payments, and so on.

Customers want to feel safe and trust the company they interact with. Therefore, you need to monitor the security measures within your e-commerce platform and constantly upgrade the software in order to follow the latest data security regulations. Among the common data privacy laws, we would like to mention GDPR, ISO, and other industry-related regulations you need to consider. More descriptions about current data security regulations you can find on the custom writing service Trust My Paper.

Subscription-based cooperation still matters in the e-commerce industry

Subscription-based interaction between your e-commerce platform and customers will still be relevant in 2022. There are sorts of goods that people are willing to receive due to particular schedules. Some of them do not have enough time to make a purchase on their own. Or they don't want to visit physical locations due to the global quarantine situation. Subscription is a very convenient option when people receive what they need regularly in time, saving time on more vital tasks or activities. Such cooperation also allows you to provide personal special offers and discounts to certain customers due to the number of their monthly purchases.

AI-based chatbots

Chatbots are virtual assistants that are able to provide customers with support and respond to their requests 24\7. The tasks that can be executed are quite simple and primitive, but chatbots are ready to assure customers that their issues will be resolved as soon as possible. Also, chatbots provide customers with personalized support and attitude due to the AI-powered analytical information about each consumer. 

To sum up

The implementation of the latest technologies drives the digital transformation of your business and trading in general. You need to be aware that trendy technologies in trading are changing and growing. Your e-commerce platform will require a system upgrade on a regular basis. So we recommend partnering with a top-notch development team that will ensure permanent maintenance services. Of course, solution updates require investment, but it is worth it as you will surely provide your customer with excellent services and experience. 

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