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What is the difference between URL and IP address?

IP and URL addresses provide different ways of access to the internet depending on your need. These two definitions seem to be clear.Understanding the difference between a URL and an IP address is important, especially when setting up a website for your new Florida LLC to ensure a successful online presence. However, we offer to take a close look at the main difference between IP and URL addresses and the purposes of which of them.

difference between URL and IP address

    The definition of IP address

    IP stands for Internet Protocol. Each device that is able to be connected to the internet has a unique IP address such as admin that basically identifies this device. Each IP address has a different number, but the structure is the same. So the IP address of a particular device is divided into four diverse groups of numbers, each of which is separated with the periods. So, let's take a closer look at what each of these groups actually means. 

    The first group of numbers is responsible for the network the device is connected to, and the last group specifies the certain computer or other devices. Due to the many numbers and their combinations that IP addresses include, they are very hard to memorize. So when connecting the device to the internet, users can type a text name of the device or several devices. The text name is called a domain name. You surely know what a domain name is. 

    Each website has its domain name, where each group of elements is separated by periods as well. For example, the Google website stands for www.—three groups of elements separated by periods. Google is the top-level domain, while the first and last sections are standard or generic for all websites. The last section can be different due to the type of organization the domain relates to and the location.

    Each domain name is unique and cannot be repeated under any conditions, In another case, the link to the domain will be irrelevant. As the domain name is created, it is converted into an IP address to be connected and exchanged data with the correct device through the selected internet provider. 

    The definition of URL or web address

    Each web page accessible on the internet has its unique URL or Uniform Resource Locator address. The web address or URL is also a combination of letters and numbers separated with periods and other elements.

     Commonly, the URL starts from the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTPS:// combination. This first group of letters shows the reliability and safety of the web address/ If the URL starts from HTTP://(with no S), then we don't recommend visiting this site as the data security is quite low or absent for such web addresses. 

    Each URL consists of protocols like HTTP, the domain name of the website, and location if needed. For example, Google is the domain name of the website. So when you start the search via the Google website you get the URL of your search—protocol, domain new, and unique combination of letters and numbers. 

    Typing the URL means you sent a request to the website server. When the server receives your requests, it checks whether your device is allowed to access this URL. If yes, the server displays that website page you expected to see. If not, you will have a list of reasons why you cannot access this page. 

    These days, you don't have to remember numerous combinations of URLs to reach the website page you require. You can easily save the needed pages with their URLs to the bookmarks of your browser. Moreover, if you visit particular URLs really often, you can easily type several letters like best essay writing service reviews to quickly reach the website page you need. 

    Examples of URLs of IP addresses

    Talking about IP addresses, they can be divided into two types—private and public. 

    A private IP address is used when you connect your devices to your home network that is available by password to a limited number of people. Then, the IP address starts from 40 to 192.168. If we look at the public IP address, it is used when you connect to the public networks at home or at work. This also relates to the websites built on WordPress. It is clear that a private IP address is more secure, and we don't recommend connecting to the public IP address unknown to you to avoid sensitive data leakage. 

    And now we would like to demonstrate various examples of URLs on the websites you definitely know or heard about. So let's the official website of Samsung—the manufacturer of different smart devices. — here is the URL that leads visitors to the main landing of their official website, where HTTPS is the protocol, and Samsung is the domain name of the website.

    If we type the URL, then we are getting the page with the smartwatches that Samsung sells. The protocol and domain name remains the same, but we see the additional letters and numbers that define the page we are going to reach. 

    Differences between IP and URL address

    So summing up the descriptions of url and ip address difference, we would like to provide the core difference. It basically lies in two different forms—the format of the addresses and their purpose. ID address is just a combination of numbers separated by periods, that depend on the type of IP—private or public. And the URL is composed of several groups of elements that lead you to a certain website page. 

    Talking about purpose, IP addresses help to identify the certain devices connected to the network, providing high security. URL or web address provides access to the website you require.

    To conclude

    We hope our post has clarified the difference between IP and URL addresses. These two web addresses are not similar and cannot be replaced by each other. The IP address shows the connection of your device to the network, while the URL address provides the access to the website page you require. 

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