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Tally Prime Shortcut Keys - 20 Hidden Keyboard Shortcut in Tally Prime

    Tally Prime is the solution that many businesses have applied for record-keeping and accounting. It has increased the efficiency of account keeping by multiple folds and has constantly proved why using the Tally Prime software is the best way to do business. From creating inventory vouchers in tally to checking add-on details about an order, the Tally Prime software can handle everything. So, let’s dive deep into tally prime shortcut keys.

    Shortcut keys in Tally Prime

    What are Shortcut Keys in Tally Prime?

    The computer screen is dependent on two main input methods, the keyboard and the mouse. But sometimes, using the mouse is a chore. Especially in software like Tally Prime that has functions for almost everything, navigating to the proper mouse operation becomes a tedious and hectic task. 

    That is where tally prime shortcut keys come into the scene. Tally Prime has keyboard shortcut keys for every function. No more do you have to navigate to the toolbar, look for a position and then click on it to activate it. Instead, all you have to do is press a combination of keys, and the function you want will get started instantly.

    20 Hidden Tally Shortcut Keys in Tally Prime

    There are more than 50 tally prime shortcut keys but let us look at 20 hidden shortcut keys that get used the most.

    Shortcut Key



    It opens the features of the company that the tally prime software is being used on

    Ctrl + Up/Down

    Moves the first menu or the last menu in the section

    End + Pg DN or Pg Down

    Moves to the last line on the sheet from any line

    Ctrl + Alt + R

    Rewrites the data in a section

    Ctrl + Alt + B

    Opens the build details of the Tally Prime software

    Ctrl + Alt + T

    Displays the TDS or the Add details of an order

    Alt + 1

    Creates a voucher and inserts it in a report

    Alt + 2

    Duplicates a voucher and creates the entry in the report

    Alt + U

    Displays all the hidden line entries if they were removed

    Ctrl + U

    Displays the last hidden line; pressing it repeatedly keeps showing the invisible in the sequence it was hidden.

    Ctrl + Enter

    Alters the master during the drill-down of the report or the voucher entry

    Ctrl + R

    For the same voucher type, gets the narration from the previous voucher type.

    Alt + V

    From a quantity field of a journal, the voucher opens the manufacturing journal.

    Ctrl + D

    Removes the ledger or the entry line from a voucher

    Alt + G

    Opens up a report and creates masters and vouchers in it

    Alt + K

    Opens the company top menu

    Alt + F3

    Selects and opens any other company located in a given folder

    Ctrl + M

    Emails the given voucher or report

    Ctrl + I

    Add details to a master or voucher

    Alt + F4

    Quits the application


    Tally Prime is one of the best software for accounting and record-keeping. Tally prime shortcut keys cover all its functions and provide the best and most efficient way to accounting in your business.

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