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What is the Difference Between Java and Javascript: A Brief Overview

    Are you also amongst the ones who get confused between Java and Javascript? Well, programming languages have become an integral part of the technological world. Programming languages come into play in front and back-end development, whether app, web, or cloud developments. Java and Javascript are among the top programming languages used by the most professional mobile development companies as Vitech, for example. 

    But many of the tech programmers get confused about the same. They are different in their work, features, and aspects. Both languages are useful in their own regard, and each has strengths over the other. Knowing the difference between both languages is a must if knowing the difference between both languages is a must if you are out for any mobile app development. This is why we are here with this article to throw the limelight on the same. 

    Difference Between Java and Javascript

    Without any ado, let's get ahead to know the difference between Java and Javascript in detail!

    What is Java?

    Java is a programming language launched by James Gosling developed by Sun Microsystems. A group of engineers within Sun Microsystems named themselves Green Team. The team released the language after 4 years of their development. Currently, Java is owned within Oracle making things and development easier. 

    It is a multi-platform, object-oriented, and network-focused programming language that has come a long way in developing apps and websites. The programming language is also used as the computing platform. 

    What is JavaScript?

    In 1990, a developer Brendan Eich at Netscape came up with the programming language that enables the instruction to the computer. This language lets the computer interact with the users after receiving the script. This means the javascript programming language interprets the commands of the user. Javascript is more indispensable with Java.

    This programming language makes the web pages more interactive and effective. This language inserts the dynamic text into HTML. 

    Difference Between Java and Javascript: A Brief Overview

    Java and Javascript, both of them, are programming languages. In order you get confused, check out the below table to have clear differences. 



    It is a strongly typed language and variables are declared first to use within the program.

    It is a weakly typed language and has flexible syntax and rules.

    It is basically an object-oriented programming language.

    It is an object-based scripting language.

    Objects within the language are classed based where everything is done by creating a class. 

    These languages possess objects that are prototype-based.

    The file extension of Java translates source code into bytecodes which are executed by Java Virtual Machine.

    The file extension of Javascript js is interpreted but not compiled to every browser.

    Java has a thread-based approach to concurrency.

    Javascript has an event-based approach to concurrency.

    Java supports multithreading in contrast to Javascript.

    Javascript doesn’t support multi-threading.

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    Feature Difference Between Java and Javascript

    → Features of Java

    Java is the multithreading programming language. Let'sLet's check out the interesting feature that makes it different from Javascript. 

    ● The best feature is that once you write the code, it runs on every computing platform. 

    ● The language's next feature is its automatic memory management that keeps everything stored. 

    ● Next, the language offers a distributed computer with its network-centric feature. 

    ● It is a static language, while Javascript is a dynamic language. 

    ● Java does not possess complex features like pointers, operator overloading, multiple inheritances, Explicit memory allocation, and much more.

    ● The language is more robust and reliable in contrast to other languages.

    ● Java language is developed to own a compiler that checks the errors and bugs itself. 

    ● The language can create several distributed applications which makes it the best in terms of its strengths. 

    → Features of JavaScript

    Javascript is a more advanced programming language than Java. Here are its enthralling features that make it unique in its way:

    ● It'sIt's a cross-platform language that can work on multiple devices and run easily on them. 

    ● Due to its cross-platform functionality, the programming language is widely used for many client and server sides. 

    ● A strong testing workflow leaves no errors and bugs when run on any platform. 

    ● If we talk about the learning ability, then it is simpler to learn compared to Java, which makes it more acceptable. 

    ● No additional plugins are required in Javascript to run and access over the platform. 

    ● The next feature of the Javascript language is it performs form validation although the forms are created using HTML.

    → Application of Java

    Java is a good programming language that has come into play due to several applications. There are several applications of the Java language which are far different from Javascript. Let's know more!

    ● Java language is the best at developing the android apps

    ● Another application of Java is the innovation of the enterprise software

    ● Scientific computing applications are another use of Javascript. 

    ● Big data analytics is another next level application of Javascript. 

    ● Java Programming of Hardware devices

    ● Used for Server-Side Technologies like Apache, JBoss, GlassFish, etc.


    → Application of JavaScript

    Another programming language is Javascript which has several applications. Some of the top applications of this programming language are discussed below:

    ● Since Javascript is a dynamic programming language, it is used to develop dynamic single-page applications.

    ●  Another language is preferred to develop the front-end technologies jQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js, ReactJS.

    ● Next, the Javascript application is used to develop Server-Side technologies like Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB are based on Javascript.

    ● Another application of the Javascript programming language is the next-gen mobile app development using PhoneGap, React Native, etc.

    Rounding off!

    Javascript and Java are both best in their own way. With several feature differences and applications, both languages are different in their way. They have their own strengths in different ways and work in the best possible way. Hope, this article helped you to know their differences and decide to choose the best one. The decision to choose the best programming language depends on you. Rest, you can get connected with the best IT consulting company in NYC to choose the best programming language for yourself. 

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