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The Different Types of Cyber Security and How Breaches Can Be Prevented

    Cybersecurity refers to the method of protecting computer systems and networks from data breaches or cyberattacks. As more businesses are shifting to online systems, protecting them from cyberattacks has become a necessity. The domain of cybersecurity is extensive.

    Types of Cyber Security

    To protect your system from numerous data breaches, you must know about the different kinds of cybersecurity and how you can prevent breaches. 

    1). Application security

    Most businesses are shifting to online operation using applications to operate. Hence, application security refers to the practice of protecting applications from cyber or digital attacks. Since businesses can store tons of data in those applications, protecting it from bad actors is extremely important.

    Application security uses both software and hardware approaches to protect your applications from cyberattacks. Since applications are available over numerous networks and hosted on the internet, they are more vulnerable to cyberattacks or hacking. 

    Application security tools such as antivirus, firewalls, and encryption services can protect your applications from cyberattacks. 

    2). Network security

    While application security focuses on protecting your applications, network security guards the internal networks of your system against outside threats. Network security makes sure that no unauthorized person is granted access to the internal networks. 

    Network security makes sure that a proper structure is integrated into infrastructure to make them secure. Firewalls, antivirus software, anti-malware, Multi Factor Authentications, password policies that enforce updates on a regular schedule, and monitored internet access are the different types of network security. All of these can help secure your internal systems from outside threats. 

    3). Cloud security

    With cloud-based data storage on the rise, most of a company’s data resides in cloud resources. Cloud security protects your cloud-based data to protect your cloud based assets. Therefore, it is known as a software-based security tool. 

    The threat protection software monitors all your data in the cloud servers for any suspicious activity. Although cloud-based storage is secure, hackers have numerous tools and strategies through which they can try and break into it. 

    Cloud security makes sure that users are alerted of any suspicious activity giving cloud data users the chance to protect and remediate the potential threats.

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    How can breaches be prevented?

    There are many ways to prevent breaches and keep your data protected. We’re going to focus on some of the bigger ones.

    → 1. Hire a cybersecurity expert

    One of the most effective ways you can prevent data breaches is to hire experts. Outsourcing your cybersecurity to an IT Managed Services company will make sure that your valuable data is protected from malicious hackers. 

    If you’re looking for expert consulting in cybersecurity, San Antonio’s SecureTech uses the best tools, techniques, and practices to keep unauthorized access out of your system. 

    Hiring cybersecurity professionals will also save you overheads. When you can give the important task of stopping and remediating cybersecurity threats to a team of experts, you can focus on keeping your business going and growing without worrying about your data’s safety. And if a hacker manages to break through the security guards we have in place, our staff of highly trained cybersecurity specialists can quickly recover your system after a breach, minimizing your loss and protecting your data. 

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    → 2. Cybersecurity consulting

    Cybersecurity consulting will make sure that your data remains enclosed and private. Through cybersecurity consulting, you will learn what practices you should follow to prevent breaches. 

    For example, cybersecurity consultants will set password requirements to ensure your passwords are harder to guess and centralize your passwords in a secure database. With a well-managed password database, you can adhere to basic security protocols like having different, complex passwords for every login without trying to remember them all or write them down. 

    → 3. Work with a cybersecurity consulting management team

    Working with a cybersecurity consulting management firm your team will learn the do’s and don’ts of cybersecurity and how small actions can keep your data secure. Experts in cybersecurity consulting management will guide your team through the usage of various tools, technologies, and techniques by which they can prevent cyberattacks. 

    Moreover, working with cybersecurity consulting management, your staff learns how to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats such as how to spot spam, phishing, malware, and links that they should never click on. 

    → 4. Contact cyber security services.

    Hiring cyber security services will make sure that your system remains protected against breaches and help you get access to more advanced tools and strategies to improve your security. 

    In addition to helping your employees learn how to prevent attacks, you also learn how to limit device access and monitor who is doing what. Cyber security consultants will also work with you to make sure your devices and applications are updated and working with the best versions of security. 

    With the help of a cybersecurity consultant, you can keep your business’s precious data secure and safe from hackers.

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