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Mailroom Management Software - Why to use best one?

    Coworking spaces help companies fill a specific need as more companies adopt remote work options.  Instead of having to work at home alone, people can utilize the opportunity to socialize, network, and interact while working in a coworking space.

    Mailroom Management Software

    However, despite the various benefits, there are some drawbacks. One of them is mailroom management. With so many employees receiving mail at the same place, the mailroom becomes clogged. Employees that rely on their corporate mail arriving on time may find this inconvenient.

    To automate your coworking mailroom, one option is to use Mailroom by PackageX, a mailroom management software for coworking spaces. It guarantees that mail is delivered on time and that packages are never lost. It improves package tracking in mailrooms and speeds up mail processing in coworking spaces.

    8 Reasons Why You Should Use mailroom management software by PackageX?

    There are several reasons why Mailroom by PackageX should be your first choice when considering a mailroom management software such as:

    ✔️ 1. Convenience

    Mailroom management software by PackageX offers its users a lot of conveniences. In case of conflicting schedules, employees can delegate to colleagues to pick up their packages on their behalf. This saves them time and also ensures that the package is reaching the right person quickly.

    Moreover, employees have the option to hold, discard and forward their package to another facility.

    ✔️ 2. Parcel Locker Integration

    Parcel Locker allows many users to keep their deliveries safe. Mailroom by PackageX further facilitates the process by allowing users to combine the application with their manual systems. This makes data entry easier as now users have an AI-powered, fully self-service system at their disposal.

    ✔️ 3. Improves Employee Satisfaction

    Company employees need their mail to arrive on time. Sometimes misplaced packages in a corporate environment can lead to huge losses. Mailroom makes sure that packages are efficiently delivered to the relevant employee and expertly handles all mail logistics resulting in satisfied employees.

    Additionally, it also allows mailroom staff to scan up to 50 packages in bulk. As a result, employees have to spend less time on mailroom management and can spend more time doing other relevant tasks.

    ✔️ 4. Automatic Notifications

    In many coworking spaces, employees have to repeatedly visit the mailroom to ask after their shipment. This is a monotonous task and wastes both the employee’s and the mailroom staff’s time. Mailroom by PackageX helps avoid this by sending users automatic notifications as soon as their shipment arrives at the mailroom.

    As a result, employees don’t have to waste time constantly going over to ask after their packages. Moreover, these picture notifications allow employees to see the condition their package arrives in and that helps mailroom staff avoid problems later on.

    ✔️ 5. Smooth Integration

    Mailroom offers its users many integrations with third-party applications. Some examples of integrations offered are WhatsApp, Teams, and more. Moreover, they can choose to get their notifications via text or email as well.

    ✔️ 6. Easy Training

    Transitioning from a manual mailroom to a digital one is often hard. However, Mailroom management software  by PackageX expertly facilitates that transition and is one of the most user-friendly options on the market. Employees can learn to fully operate the Mailroom application in 3 days.

    It also comes with video tutorials to help guide new users. Live customer support is offered to users 24/7 all seven days of the week. This efficient onboarding approach ensures that the transition to a digital mailroom is easier.

    ✔️ 7. Brilliant OCR Technology

    Many packages arrive at the mailroom with labels that are hard to read. For that purpose, Mailroom employs the best Optical Recognition Technology available on the market. With its superior OCR, the Mailroom app can scan both printed and handwritten packages that may otherwise be illegible.

    Once the package is scanned and the recipient identified in the directory, data is automatically logged. After that, the recipient receives an automatic notification alerting them of their package.

    ✔️ 8. A Trustworthy Option

    Lost or misplaced packages can result in a lot of stress and frustration for employees. In the worst-case scenario, loss of important corporate mail can lead to heavy costs. This is the reason why a chain of custody is so important.

    Mailroom by PackageX ensures that all packages have a complete chain of custody which assists in finding lost packages. Users can track their package as soon as it arrives at the mailroom and be aware of its location at all times. This makes sure that mail reaches its recipient without any hassle.


    Manual mailrooms are becoming increasingly more inefficient. In a coworking place, where so much mail is arriving at the same time, manual mail management becomes almost impossible. Moreover, it leads to misplaced packages and frustrated employees.

    By using Mailroom by PackageX, companies can streamline the way they process mail and help save time and money.

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