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Digital Marketing for Yoga Studios - Marketing Tips For Yoga

    Yoga studio owners and teachers may stare blankly at the idea of marketing. The topic of yoga studio marketing is far from peaceful for many yogis who watch helplessly as class sizes decrease. Trying to find balance in your yoga studio marketing (and bringing students back to class!)? Check out these tips.

    Marketing Tips for Yoga Studio

    Tips for marketing yoga studios 

    Many yoga studio owners and teachers feel uncomfortable about marketing. They feel like it is manipulative. Those who have been assisting others in discovering their authentic selves may be turned off by this perception.

    But what about the truth? Studio marketing can be genuine, honest, and true to the mission of your studio. Here are yoga studio marketing ideas to try.

    → 1. Utilize social media marketing

    Authentic relationships with potential students are built through yoga studio social media marketing.

    The best social media marketing campaigns don't focus solely on yoga clothes and complex poses that portray a stereotypical yogi. The best campaigns explain what yoga means to students and help them deepen the conversation.

    Regularly sharing studio content that reflects your studio and your students is key, with a focus on community building and your studio's uniqueness.

    → 2. Build your Google profile

    Over five and a half billion searches are carried out by Google every single day, with nearly 91% of the search engine market share worldwide. Google profiles are your studio's digital calling cards, and it's important that the information is accurate, complete, and compelling. It is important to list your studio address, have a profile picture, and post your studio hours. Your website can also feature a comprehensive schedule of classes. It will help your business to improve overall brand visibility and streamline business collaboration & communication.  

    Have more than one location? Because "near me" searches have increased 900% in the past few years, you need to optimize your Google profile for all locations.

    → 3. Innovative Print Advertising For Yoga Studio Marketing

    Among the cheapest ways to promote a cause in your community, print advertising is among the most effective. Publications such as booklets, leaflets, yoga flyers, posters, business cards, and calendars are all examples of print advertising. 

    Having a print advertisement is one of the fastest ways to get eyeballs on your studio when you're just starting out. Develop a "Brochure" that lists each service's price and explains what you offer.

    To encourage people to read more, feature the yoga studio name at the top of the page, along with a list of services and prices. Add photos of the yoga studio environment and demonstrate how you teach. The cost of printing 250 brochures is only $100. The exposure you will gain from print advertising is immense. You can either leave the flyers for free at local institutions where your target demographic gathers or you can pay them to hand them out.

    Finalize the print marketing campaign by developing leaflets. The leaflet contains information about your class, your website, prices, and contact information. 

    In as little as a few hours, you could have leaflets in front of every home in your area. By doing so, you will give your brand direct exposure to all local residents, much like a targeted digital marketing campaign.

    → 4. Use Google My Business

    Most yoga studio owners do not have much money to spend on marketing. With a Google Business account, you have access to Google My Business for free. You can announce promotions, publish pictures, and promote events free, all shareable on social media.

    Yoga studio marketing strategies like Google's Google AdWords help you make the most of the time spent off the mat (and on your marketing!) in the same way that a vinyasa links one pose to another using breath.

    → 5. Use Instagram videos to promote your content

    Consumers now expect businesses to engage with them through video. The videos you post on your Instagram account, regardless of whether you use Instagram story ads and promotions or their free tools, should be engaging and useful. Your studio's time lapse sequences, breakdowns of poses, or anything else that reflects the studio itself.

    Any marketing strategy that uses video gets the best ROI on social media. Don't wait any longer and post short clips today.

    → 6. Promote with video on Facebook Live

    The big brother to Instagram, Facebook, takes advantage of video as well.

    As video posts, including Facebook Live, garner 59% more engagement as part of Facebook's ever-changing algorithm, video is the best way to differentiate your studio.

    → 7. Plan your email marketing campaign

    Sending regular emails to students is a great way to keep in touch with them. You might want to send welcome emails, class reminders, blog posts, or notifications of special events and promotions to your students.

    While some of these can be set up and run automatically (e.g., welcome emails), others will require more attention (e.g., special events or schedule changes).

    → 8. Organize yoga events with a theme

    Goat yoga? Cat yoga? Breath and brew yoga (free beer after savasana)?

    For students who aren't fully committed to yoga, themed yoga events highlight your playful side and introduce your practice in an easy-going way.

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