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How Chatbots Improve Employee Productivity

The tech space has been buzzing for the last several years on the many potential benefits of conversational AI, and more specifically how chatbots will affect the working lives of millions of employees. It has become more and more clear that due to chatbot’s significant ROI off of a very minimal upfront investment, more and more businesses are turning to chatbots for day to day queries and tasks in all departments. While chatbots have been used primarily for solving customer service issues, their services can be expanded in many ways to not only improve productivity and efficiency, but also save money for all businesses involved. 


With chatbots capable of solving complex problems and services, here are the top 3 ways implementing chatbots could be the next step in increasing your employee’s productivity.

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Data Collection

When it comes to repetitive tasks and morale draining work for employees, data collection ranks highly. Fortunately, chatbots are a perfect tool to eliminate this task from workers' daily checklists. Chatbots, when properly set up, can run checks on data as frequently as required, making them an invaluable tool in any business. Alongside an increase in frequency, chatbots are also able to evaluate multiple sources simultaneously, analyse it, and provide key takeaways near instantaneously. From digital marketing to performance monitoring, chatbots will free up team members to work on more high level projects, while also providing efficient and effective analysis.

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IT Helpdesk

No matter how efficient your employees are, work grinds to a halt if there’s an IT issue. A malfunctioning computer or a broken link can prevent work from being completed for hours, leaving employees frustrated and clients and customers left on the hook. Keeping teams and their systems operational are essential to any business, and chatbots can be the first line of defence in ensuring no team member has to deal with technical issues. The benefits of drawing chatbots into the IT support system are twofold. Firstly, they are available around the clock, always able to provide team members with any support they may need. Secondly, these chatbots free up IT staff to focus on larger projects and saves their time for the more technical issues, leaving the chatbots to resolve simpler problems such as password resets and system wipes. 

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Traditionally, most businesses struggle to onboard new employees. Acquainting them with their new coworkers, new tasks, and the many new programs that will be used can often be overwhelming and not effective. Many employees find it hard to keep up with these introductions, and often forget what they’re taught. Fortunately, chatbots offer a radical change the way all employees see and experience onboarding.

Chatbots can be built to provide a more conversational element to traditional onboarding, helping field employees questions along the way, and guiding them to determine which parts are the most important. Not only do these chatbots increase the productivity of team members being onboarded, but it frees up HR employees to work on other projects and tasks.

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