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PCNOK (Patient Care Network) of Oklahoma: Clinically Integrated Network

    The improvement and spread of networks and technology have never left any world business and practices. And this extension of networking has been grown to unimaginable heights during the pandemic period. In the current scenario, the most highlighted zone of networking service is with medical science, which is popularly termed as PCNOK (Patient Care Networking). This networking technology has brought health science in digital ways for the easy access of patients. This technology mainly improves care and rehabilitation of patients' wide popularity, which has been increasing in number with the everyday survey. 


    Overview of PCNOK 

    PCNOK play a game-changing role in digital health, which has been represented as a fundamental solution that highly supports chronically ill patients worldwide. It also supports and provides services to rehabilitate elderly sick patients in all possible ways of caring and health advice. With the PCNOK, doctors intend to handle the ageing difficulties of major patients. This current scenario that demands social distancing makes the situation worse for patients with the limitations of movements. These pathetic conditions increased pathologies related to a sedentary life for most patients. 

    At These situations, people started needing online solutions for their health treatments. Monitoring the vast population with the help of online is in no way a simple task-it includes major risk and has to involve the most upgraded technology. For all these risks behind patients, the best solution is the PCNOK patient care network. This network featured online solutions by remotely monitoring fragile subjects to care for almost every patient with chronic disease.

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    Working of patient care network

    A patient care network is a technology solution that has been implemented in the medical science field. As already said, this feature allows close monitoring of patients' health status at a distance from the hospital from house quarantine or distanced migration. This PCNOK technology solution includes various clinical parameter devices to connect the health network and system. The technology of Patient Care Networks is aimed at the healthcare professionals who treat patients who are de-hospitalized or suffer from painful chronic illnesses. 

    With the help of this technology, doctors came up with a new solution for often elderly who need to follow a long term therapy that has to be monitored in proper intervals. With the feature of remote monitoring, constant monitoring, and proactive attention towards patients with some effective wearable devices, patients are intimated to immediate operation centre connectivity and share with the suitable care team in real-time. This allows the betterment of treatment even at a distance from the hospital. The technology also verifies the appropriateness of therapy and medication intake throughout the treatment period.

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    Benefits of PCNOK

    Benefits for patients:

    The technology pays constant attention to the patient's health status. This supports the patients to stay safe and strong during the treatment period. The technology benefits patients with autonomous managing their health conditions at times of critical situation to save the life of patients. It stimulates proper therapy and follows it to adopt with proper patients lifestyle.

    Benefits with family members:

    Family members and caring persons of patients can rest assured with constant supervision of patients health conditions with proper solution of health personnel. With PCNOK, family members have assured certainty towards anomalies that promptly detect and deal with health issues.

    Benefits for health care professionals:

    The technology provides effective smart active monitoring parameters at home. So that doctors are available in the presence of treatment for the vast population of patients during their critical time at the same time.

    Benefits for SSN:

    PCNOK reduces emergency room situations with its smart detecting and resolving feature. It provides effective home access to patients at the time of their real need with the help of remote assistance. It strongly supports connecting health care professionals with the patient and their family.   

    Bottom line:

    PCNOK provides you complete effective patient care from the profession for patients. for the complete safe treatment to your loved one from your place, You must include a patient care network for their treatment.

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