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Smart Square Mercy - Healthcare Portal (Mercy Smart Square)

    Technology has reduced the burden of humans and is performing effectively in the current modern world. Many benefits like time-saving energy saving are obtained from using technology in many fields worldwide. 

    In the healthcare industry, the need for technology increases every day since manual work is not enough to meet the requirements, and there is a chance of mistakes when there is manual performance. 

    The technology manufactured for the healthcare industry will avoid mistakes, and one of the trending technologies is smart square mercy. Some of the essential details about smart square mercy are listed below. 

    smart square mercy

    What is smart square mercy?

    Smart square mercy is the scheduling tool and it is essential in the healthcare industry like hospitals, etc. The Mercy software is an advanced technology nowadays that helping hospitals maintain patient records easily. The special scheduling tool is designed to manage the appointments, orders, staff to meet the patients, patient's details, etc. It is completely created for business needs, and this technology will allow the user to add or remove any contacts and details, and you can customize the calendar for clients. 

    This smart square covers all areas like self-scheduling or cyclic scheduling etc., where the shifts may change from place to place. 

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    Features of smart square mercy

    The smart square mercy is considered the top scheduling tool among various healthcare users, and the reason behind that is its features, and those are listed here. 

    Limited entry to assured areas:

    The best feature of this smart square mercy is limited access to secure areas only. Since it is a detail and contacts of patients in the healthcare industry, it must maintain confidentiality and not allow third-parties to access your data. They cannot even identify this software's IP address to enter without your permission as the IP address is hidden. 

    Mobile access is available:

    It is hard to use the PC or laptop for checking their schedules by employees of the healthcare industry, and this software reduced that difficulty by allowing mobile accessibility. So the employees can easily check their schedules from their mobile at any time, and it is more useful for both staff and patients. 

    Co-worker's information can be get: 

    When you are working in a place, you need to know about your co-worker's information to adjust the schedule in case of an emergency. By using smart square mercy, it is easy to know about the co-worker's schedule and easy to manage the duties of employees.

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    How does smart square mercy work?

    If you log in to your Smart Square Mercy account, you will see your personalized dashboard. You can manage the schedule of your personnel by managing the settings over there, such as adding and removing clients to schedule emergency staff, by using this scheduling feature. Apart from higher officials, it can even be accessed by the staff and check their daily schedules and other information about their patients and appointments. When you compare this smart square mercy with another scheduling tool, you will realize how easy to use this software and effectively manage your schedules. 

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    Final thoughts: 

    Technologies will never disappoint you, and there are huge benefits when using this smart square mercy software. Using the scheduling tool explained above, manage the appointments and duties in the health care industry.  

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