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6 Must-Try Student Life Hacks for Virtual Classes

Today, schools adapt to virtual learning to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Students and teachers must interact through social media and do school activities online. Classes are now held in video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet.

But, virtual classes can present some challenges, which makes learning difficult. Why? A Wi-Fi or data connection may not be enough to survive virtual learning. You have to adjust to the new setup and learn how to do time management. Socializing is also essential if you want to make new friends.

Adapting to the current situation can indeed be challenging. You need to stop relying on others and learn how to discipline yourself at home. Thankfully, there are life hacks that would make things easier for virtual learning. Below is a list of six cool student life hacks for virtual classes.

Virtual Classes

1. Convert Excel Spreadsheets to PDF

Printing a page from Microsoft Excel can be challenging due to its system. Why? If you are not a tech-savvy person, it may be difficult to ensure that all data fits inside the paper you use. One life hack is to turn the spreadsheet from Excel to PDF by using the PDFBear converter. It converts your spreadsheet into a document that is more suitable for printing. 

This converter is helpful for school activities involving accountancy, budgeting, and similar. It is also great for thesis subjects, particularly in printing the statistics or data. Additionally, you can track your financial spendings with this life hack. You only need to encode your data and convert it from Excel to PDF afterward.

2. Take Screenshots Faster With the Print Screen Key + Windows Key

Are you having difficulty taking notes in your virtual lectures? Teachers can speak fast sometimes, and you might find it challenging to catch up. A life hack for that situation is to use the Print Screen Key + Windows Key to screenshot the discussion. You can find the images later by going to File Explorer -> Pictures -> Screenshots Folder.

If you take notes on a computer and do not want full-screen pictures, there is an alternative. You can also opt to press the Windows Key + Shift + S to screenshot a part of your screen. Afterward, you may paste the screenshot into a document by pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard. But, keep in mind that the Windows Key + Shift + S method does not save your images into a folder, unlike the other way.

3. No Webcam? Use Your Smartphone as an Alternative

In virtual classes, some teachers may ask you to turn on your webcams. But what if you do not have the budget to buy one? Do not worry. It is now possible to use your smartphones as a webcam alternative. That way, you can turn on your camera and show your face during virtual classes. 

So how can you use your smartphone as a webcam alternative? The first step is to go to Google Play or Apple App Store. Then, search for a webcam, and there should be tons of apps available for you to use. Next, choose any of the webcam apps you like and press download. After that, follow the instructions stated in the app, and you can now use your smartphone as a webcam.

4. Use Google Docs for Note-Taking During Discussions

If you ever feel tired of taking notes, you can use Google Docs' voice typing instead. This feature can type every word that your teacher says whenever you are in a virtual class. All you need is a Google Account, and you can try this life hack out for note-taking. But, keep in mind that Google is not perfect, and you might encounter some errors when using the feature.

So how can you use the voice typing feature? First, you need to open the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Login your account details and open a new document in Google Docs. Then, go to tools in the menu bar and select voice typing. Click the microphone once you are ready to record and take notes. When you finish, press the microphone once again, and voila!

Google Docs is also excellent for collaborative work. Thus, you can take notes with your friends and share the file through a Google Docs link. Just ensure to make the document accessible and editable so that others can take notes too.

5. Can't Memorize Scripts? Download a Teleprompter App

Do you have a project where you need to record yourself and memorize a script? Memorization can take a lot of time, and it might not be the best option if you are busy with other matters. This situation is where the teleprompter app comes in. 

The teleprompter app allows you to write a script and display it on your screen. Because of this app, you can now record a video on your smartphone for your project without memorizing it. All you have to do is look for the script on the screen and record yourself without a problem. There are lots of teleprompter apps available, so choose one that suits your needs.

6. Use a Camera Scanner App for Taking Your Activity Pictures 

If you own an old smartphone model, chances are the camera's quality might not be excellent. It may blur the images that you take, which is unacceptable when you need to submit a picture for your activity. 

A life hack for this situation is to use a camera scanner app. No matter what the problem may be, the photo would still look fantastic with the camera scanner app. You can also edit your image to make it clearer and even save it as a PDF afterward.

Final Word

Attending virtual classes can be challenging. You need to have discipline and time management to survive. Thankfully, several life hacks exist, which makes virtual learning easier. From converting Excel to PDF to using a teleprompter, these life hacks would be helpful for students like you during virtual classes.

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