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Latest Mobile App Trends To Follow In 2020


The use of smartphones has become one of the most essential parts of our lives. And with the internet connection a large number of mobile apps are being downloaded and used on an everyday basis. The mobile app industry has affected every other industry in the world. All the markets and business organizations are now using mobile apps to engage their target market and to grow their business. 

Mobile App Trends 2020

According to many experts the mobile app industry in the whole world is one of the fastest growing industries. According to many forecasts this industry is going to be growing even more in the future as well. There are many regions all over the world which are major contributors to the mobile app industry and are coming up with new and innovative ideas for mobile apps. One such example are the mobile application developer’s agency in Australia. Lately, there have been many mobile application developers agency Australia that have come up with successful mobile app ideas and have executed them in the most successful manner possible.

According to research the mobile app development industry one of the most revenue generating industries in the world and is expected to reach $ 131 billion by the year 2021. All the smart businessmen would be planning to take their piece of the pie from this industry in the coming years. 

Trends to follow: 

It has been observed that the mobile apps have been evolving from the time they were first launched in the market for public’s use. New and more innovative mobile app ideas have made their way in to the market which have made people’s lives much easier with their usefulness. Every year a change in the trend is observed in the mobile apps that we use in our everyday lives. New trends make their way on to the app market introducing new and enhanced technologies. These are some of the trends that you need to follow in the year 2020 that can help you in making your mobile app a success.

The use of 5G: Now, we all know that 5G is not really an app but still all of us are waiting very impatiently for the technology to enter the market. It is very likely that by the mid of 2020 the most of the world will be using 5g wireless networks to engage their respective audiences. There are literally billions of smartphone users in the world who would love to have a faster wireless internet network working and making their lives faster than before. It has been speculated by many experts in the field of technology that this technology is a 100 times faster than the 4G technology. This will have a direct impact on the mobile app usage. It will not only make online mobile gaming using augmented reality improve ten folds but it will also improve the data security as well.

The use of more AI: Artificial intelligence powered apps have already made a big name for themselves in the past couple of years and now more of it is going to be used in the future. And it should be as well. The way it has made contributions in the lives of people all over the world it has now proved itself to be an asset for an average person in their daily lives. Not even an average person but artificial intelligence (AI) powered apps have been making very positive effects on a bigger scale as well and it is being used in almost all the industries for making their calculations, data maintenance and for the analysis of consumer behavior. There are many other applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in all the aspects of industries.

The use of beacon technology: One more awesome application of mobile app technology is the beacon technology where people can use their smartphones as, in layman terms, lighthouses for other people connecting with other people’s devices by using Bluetooth technology. These are wireless transmitters that help with the exchange of information between devices such as location sharing and message services. This technology can also be used to make mobile payments and will certainly help make people’s lives better.

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