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Tips of Guest Blogging in SEO- Does it Really Help To Boost Your Website?

    What is Guest Blogging?

    Guest Blogging is a pretty vast domain. Guest Post Services helps us to get quality links and traffic to our site. In layman terms, Guest Posting services is nothing but a one of the backlink strategies where you write articles or blogs for some other website. In return, you will get links pointing at your site. This way, you can increase the traffic at your end. Guest Post Blogging is not the same as it was before. Previously, it was easy to write and get quality traffic. Nowadays, there are plenty of things that have to be taken into consideration, given that there is tremendous competition in the market.

    Guest posting in seo

    Google has been advising everyone on linking in guest posts since the beginning. It is advised that you shouldn’t ask for a follow backlink if you are asking an editor for guest blogging. Guest blogging is not a trick or a short path to achieve success. You need to be patient if you are using Guest Blogging as a marketing strategy.

    Following are certain tips that can help you to grow your audience and achieve success in the long run. 

    Determining the customer base (audience)

    You have to know your audience before publishing. Knowing your audience will help you to craft the article in a better way. You will get to know their likes and dislikes, what their taste is, which will help you to target a specific domain.


    Knowing what the customers want 

    You need to know what your customers want. You need to also know the websites that your audience frequently visit. Following are certain tips that can come in handy in knowing what your audience wants. 

    Ask them directly

    Asking them directly regarding what they read is one simple way. You can ask certain questions such as “What are your favourite blogs”, “What things you tend to read more”, “Which sites you visit frequently”. This will make you understand certain key aspects in depth. 

    Google the keyword

    If you know what your customers tend to read, you can google that keyword and more such relevant words to have a better grip. For example, if your customers seem to be involved in SEO Tools, you can google relevant keywords and then have better insights. 

    3-Step Strategy

    → Subheading at the end

    Subheading at the end is vital to make your article stand out from the rest. You can use different keywords such as “Conclusion”. Here, you can put your thoughts and conclude in your own way. It will help the audience to see your stand as well. 

    → Question

    You should ask a question at the end to the audience. Asking questions will make the people feel more involved and this way, you can start communication with them. Asking questions will also help them to clarify any doubts if they have any. 

    → Call-to-action

    A call to action is also vital at the end. You should try to keep a call-to-action that will ask the users to do something. You can put a link to your product and ask the users to download its brochure (if any). Moreover, you can also ask to leave a comment that will improve the engagement. 

    All the above-mentioned things can be put across a bullet point. Bullet point helps readers to visualize and understand stuff in a better way. 


    If you will know the audience properly, you will come to know about the questions that they want answers to. If more people have a common question, it is better to answer that. Address the questions that people want. Writing content is not just about the topic, it is much more than that. You need to ensure that the work is in the appropriate format and is standing out from the rest of the works over the web.  

    Quality should not be compromised at any cost. Certain times, just for the sake of links, some people write an article. They do not focus on the quality of the work. That type of work is futile in the long run. You should not degrade the quality at any cost. Apart from links, there are plenty of things that can yield better outcomes. When you write an article, people will start recognizing you. This in turn will increase the value of the brand you are representing.

    Usage of Audience Intelligence Tools

    Audience Intelligence Tools will help you to learn more about the audience. There are plenty of third-party tools available in the market. Make use of any of them and check the list of your followers. The tool will help you to know about sites that your audience is visiting on a frequent basis. 

    Domain Authority

    Domain authority is extremely vital for those who are keen in SEO. It is a website metric that is developed by Moz. Digital Marketers, as well as SEO experts, use this to attain high traffic. 

    It is advised to look out for sites that have high Domain Authority as it will lead to better quality backlinks and more traffic along with a high rank. If you are owning a website, you can improve your website’s domain authority with the help of guest blogging. Generally, it is advised to go for a site that has at least a score of 30.

    Software Tools

    There are plenty of third-party tools available in the market that can help you to grow the business. When you are writing a blog and publishing, you can make use of such tools. These tools will help you to achieve more traffic.  

    Now, as we mentioned certain tips. It is also vital to understand what Guest Posting offers. There are ample benefits of Guest Posting services. Following are a few of them: 

    Relationship Building

    Relationship building is necessary for any business. If you are owing a product or offering a service, the more people will know about it the better your business will flow. When we guest post, we tend to create a relationship with people. When you post a platform, you will be involved more with the audience there. This will enhance your relationship with them. In the long run, this will serve you.



    You can establish your authority in the market if you write quality content. As we said, go for a website that has high Domain Authority, and if you will write blogs over there, you will receive quality backlinks. More people will go through your work. If you have included authenticated references, the blog will become better. Soon, people will start respecting you more and you will be viewed as an expert in that domain. Just make sure your work is credible and make it stand out from the rest! 


    Traffic is vital for any business. If you are not receiving much traffic, then the business will not flourish as per the expectations. With the help of Guest Blogging, you can increase the traffic with utmost ease. When we write a blog on some third-party platform, we send them our work and it takes a few days to go live. After the blog is published, people will start to read and with the help of backlinks, your website will rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page, or widely referred to as SERPs. 

    Social Media Followers

    If your primary goal is to increase Social Media Followers, you can do that with the help of Guest Post Blogging. There is an author bio inside your blog that you will be publishing on a third-party site. 

    The author bio will contain all the necessary information and also the link to your social media accounts. The better you write; the more people will visit your profile. You can ask them at the end to follow you for more such work. If you are writing on a reputed platform, chances are that more people will follow you. This way, you can increase the Social Media Followers

    Things to avoid

    → Do not mention your product

    You should refrain from writing about your product unless asked so. When you write a guest blog and include your brand as a reference, people, as well as Google, will see it as a brand promotion instead of serving people. They will think that you are writing for the sake of promoting the brand. Most of the time, you will be having permission to write about yourself in the author bio. Mention about your business and the product there. Refrain from mentioning it elsewhere. 

    →  Refrain from mentioning unauthenticated links

    Only mention those links that are relevant and authenticated. If you will not use a trustable source as a reference, people will not feel you as a trustworthy source of information. Hence, try to include relevant and authenticated links in the article. 

    This was all about tips for Guest Posting in SEO. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you to gain an upper hand! 


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