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How to Find Guest Post Opportunities

Create great content and take action - guest posting falls on this category. This is a very inexpensive process, it helps to build relationships and can land you great links.

You may be aware of the major brands that have benefited from guest blogging. Guest posting isn't easy. Especially finding new guest post opportunities.

Here's how you can get guest blogging opportunities and make the best out of them.

find guest post opportunities

Let's get started!

Guest posts aren't created equal. There are factors that affect the strength of guest post links.

The importance of relevance

Of course, the number of backlinks you receive is a key ranking factor. Google also takes into account the relevance of the link to identify spammers. 

relevance guest post

Relevance can be divided into two dimensions: domain relevance, and page relevance.

The importance of domain authority

The relevance is one factor, and the authority is another.

Google gives a authority score for each website. This authority score is taken into account to give you a weight for every backlink that you receive. Before contacting the author of the website, its authority is sufficient to have a positive impact on your SEO.

Dofollow or nothing

In Google's eyes, there are two types of outbound links: they are dofollow and nofollow links.

In short, any link with the rel='nofollow' parameter will not send the authority to your website.

Therefore, before accessing a webmaster, make sure that there are no nofollow parameters in the links inside the guest posts.

Now you're ready for the next steps:

Check your competitors' guest posts

To find guest posting website on your niche is the easiest way to spy on your competitors. You can follow their steps to find the right websites.

competitors' guest posts

Using a tool like Linkminer, you can explore your competitors' backlinks they received. You only need to examine backlinks that come from dofollow and higher authority domains. When doing the outreach, you can mentioning your competitor's article in your email. This will show that you've read their blog and increase the chances landing a guest post.

Contact your partners

This is one of the most simple, efficient and overlooked techniques. 

Because if you already have a relationship with some other people or businesses, they'll know you. They are more likely to accept a guest from you, and they want to maintain the good relationship with you. And because they work in the same industry, the link is more relevant.

Use search operators

Search operators are search strings, which you can add to your query to find specific websites.

For example the following list contains a few popular search operators, which can be used to identify possible guest post opportunities. If you want to increase relevance, combine them with a specific niche keyword.

'write for us'
'bloggers wanted'
'writers wanted'
'submit blog post'
'submit an article'
'become a guest blogger'
'submission guidelines'
'the following guest post'

You can do these searches manually or by using a scrapebox to automate the process. Once your list is ready, extract the root domain for each link, remove the duplicate domains and rank the websites by authorization.

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