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What Are Automated Webinars And What Are They For?

Today automated webinars are becoming more common, especially as a result of the increase in popularity of online seminars due to the COVID-19 crisis. Maybe you don't know what they are and, much less, what their function is. This practical guide will solve all your doubts.

Automated Webinars

The digital world is constantly spinning and it is important to move at your own pace. Therefore, every day it is more common to see many aspects of daily life migrate to digital spaces. This year the confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic made it very clear that this is the future we are approaching.

The marketing automation is one of the most effective strategies to maintain good communication with customers profitably. Of all the things that can be automated, automated webinars are one of them. But how does this apply? How do automating seminars help? What areas use it? 

What are automated webinars?

The first question arise is what is a webinar. You probably know the meaning of webinar. As you may already know, it is only an online conference, seminar or workshop that allows the speaker to connect with an audience that is interested in its content. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way of interacting with your target audience.

What are automated webinars

One of the advantages of this modality is that it can be done from anywhere. This means you can reach a certain audience, either in your home, office or classroom. The important thing is that you have a good Internet connection. You do not require a large investment and you can reach a large number of people.

Another notable aspect is that it will allow you to increase the sales of your business. You can present a conference on a topic related to the products or services you offer and at the end offer them.

The attendee who has remained attentive to the conference will feel more confident in acquiring it and will become a customer. It is a practical way to increase your earnings and your conversion rate.

But what do they mean by automated webinars? The concept is the same, the only thing that changes is the way of transmitting it. Being automatic gives you the freedom to pre-record it and then schedule it to be published on the web at the time you choose. The public will be able to see it as if it were live, but in reality, it will be broadcast.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic webinars

There are several positive factors that make automated webinars even more attractive. So if you have not yet encouraged yourself, surely you will after knowing all the benefits they have. Below you can see the most important ones:

• You will avoid the technical problems that can arise in a live performance. When being recorded, you have the possibility to check them before uploading them.

• It allows you to better manage your time since you should not connect at a specific time. You can make the video at any time you have available.

• You will have more audience in different countries, by programming it, each person will be able to watch it at the time that is most convenient for them.

• Mistakes are manageable. When you record live, anything can happen because you are human. But if you do it previously and then upload it, you will have the opportunity to correct those mistakes.


The most notable disadvantage is that you lose engagement with your audience. As it is not live, there is no interaction with the public in real-time.

Usually, webinars ask questions and the speaker answers them. When broadcast, it is clear that this possibility does not exist. Yes, there is the option of answering them by email but the communication is not as close as when it is live.

What are automated webinars for?

If you see it from the foreground, it is ideal for transmitting a message through the presentation of a topic that is of interest to your audience. And it certainly is, but if you analyze it in detail it has another objective mentioned above. It is a good strategy to generate income and increase your sales.

Why automated webinars used

As you read it, in fact, many companies use these seminars or conferences to launch a new product or service. The technique is to attract the attention of the audience with an interesting topic and develop it appropriately. Once you have their attention, it's time to show what you offer.

You can also take advantage to provide a discount through a coupon or promotion code so that they see the original price. If you want to make it more attractive, you can add a special code that is only available specifically for that event. This is a double strategy because it will also earn you new leads.

Create the best automatic webinar 

Now that you know what it is and what it is for, it is time for you to learn how to create the best automated webinars. Some think that it is simply choosing a topic and talking about it, but like any good strategy, it takes its process. Therefore, it is important that you take into account the recommendations that you will see below:

best automatic webinar
1.- Timeless content

Take into account when choosing content that does not expire, that is, it is a topic that can be maintained over time. If you do a webinar on "the best marketing events of 2020", it will certainly have a large audience, but at the end of the year, they will not see it. On the other hand, if your conference is about "the best digital marketing strategies", it is likely that people will see it this way for 2 years.

Obviously, there are subjects that undergo modifications or changes and more in these times of so much progress. In these cases, what you should do is update your target audience with a new seminar. This also shows that you are interested in your audience and will make them feel valued.

2.- Start with live shows 

You may be wondering why to start with live seminars if it's automated webinars. And it is a reasonable doubt, but it is necessary that you do them live first so that the attendees can have that close encounter with you. It is about creating feedback with the public and this, in turn, will generate engagement.

You can apply another technique that is very effective: take the doubts that people may have and use them to design the theme of your next conference. In this way, you will not only respond to the interests of your audience, but it will denote that you take into account their needs.

It is a cunning way of gaining public, and also faithful. Once you can catch them with at least 3 live seminars, you can start running them automatically. But it is important that you follow up to see if you are getting the expected results.

3.- Evaluate the moment when the audience is disconnected

Keep in mind that in these seminars there is a moment where there is a flight of people. You cannot let it pass as if nothing, you need to do an analysis of why it is happening. That part of the audience may lose interest, but that's when you should pay the most attention to correct the failure.

However, being automated you have the advantage of editing the original video. How does this benefit you? You have the possibility to optimize it to have higher quality material.

But if you can't eliminate the loss of interest and they keep going, you have to modify the strategy. It is recommended that you offer the product or service you want to sell or promote, before that point where they decide to leave.

4.- All metrics are important

In order to be successful in any marketing activity you want to apply, it is important to value all the metrics. It's okay for you to spend time studying the audience drop-out rate. However, it is not the only one that exists and the others are just as relevant.

For example, you can analyze if the number of people who confirmed their attendance is the same as the number of attendees. If it is a smaller quantity, you have to evaluate if there is a problem in the inlet funnel. If you manage to find the fault you must improve that aspect so as not to lose the audience.

5.- Complement the automated with the direct

Surely you are thinking about how you can combine the automatic with the direct. You could start with a live webinar first. This will allow you to have that cordial welcome greeting with the attendees.

The development of the topic to be discussed and the promotion of the product could be previously recorded so that it is content without errors or with the least amount possible.

At the end of the presentation of the topic, you can start a live again, it would be an ideal time to answer any questions that may arise. This gives it the perfect bonus because you save development time but you can keep feedback with the public. Also, you can say goodbye to the audience personally and directly.

It would be ideal only to apply it on exclusive occasions because otherwise the essence of automation would be lost. And this, in turn, would prevent people from seeing it at any time without affecting their other activities.

Now that you know everything you need to know about automated webinars, all you have to do is get to work.

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