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How To Adopt Digital Marketing Strategy In The Time Of Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus crisis is one of the most unprecedented events in history for many of the business people. The detrimental impact on business is visible now. The 3-weeks lockdown followed by another lockdown till May 3 has triggered various speculations regarding the nature of the economy and how it will shape up in the coming future. And it certainly looks bleak as of now.

Digital Marketing Strategy In Coronavirus Crisis

Clearly, the business environment has changed drastically over the last weeks or so. People have started to work from home. Leaders have taken some tough decisions. Making of various multi-pronged strategies are in the process to fight the Coronavirus induced business setbacks. 

Meanwhile, digital marketing is one of the ways business across the globe and in India are bracing to embrace and promote their respective products and services. There are lot many calls and tasks for digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. And it is not surprising at all since customers are in the comfort of their homes and spending time online more than ever before. 

There are various factors at play and one needs to keep all of these things in the mind to develop a comprehensive digital plan that covers all bases and performs effectively. A dynamic decision making combined with dynamic digital marketing campaigns are the need of the hour

Customer behaviour is also changing at a fast rate and it is topsy-turvy, to say the least. It is very important to understand and analyse customer sentiments and create campaigns devoid of anything that can offend the fragile mindset, most of the people are experiencing right now. 

So, how to adopt digital marketing strategy in the time of Coronavirus crisis that can help you achieve the desired result and keep you in the race for future business growth and profits.

‘What’ and ‘How’ of Digital Marketing during Coronavirus

With pandemic ruling the minds of the customer what can brands promote using digital marketing? If you are leveraging social media marketing as part of digital marketing, it is highly recommended to put all the ongoing calendar on pause. It is not the time to push your brand, products or services aggressively. Instead, brands can be more genuine and helpful by promoting Coronavirus awareness campaigns or one focused on health, safety and motivation. 

Brands in essential items field can promote their products using more of a helpful tone rather than using scare or fear in their campaigns. The healthcare segment can  promote health tips to increase immunity during Coronavirus and such useful content. This will keep brands on good stead and help you maintain your relationship with customers. Similarly, digital advertising and SEO can use the same strategy. 

As to how can you readjust digital marketing strategy, it is time to reevaluate and reorient how your customers perceive you. The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the minds of customers like never before. Their behaviour and interests have changed. It is not that they are no more your target audience, but the things that motivate them towards your product or service has undergone a sea change. 

It is important now to understand the priorities of your customer, new pain points, new desires of safety and security first. Instead of indulgence, customers are looking to save money as well. These are some considerations you can keep in mind before developing your campaigns for social media, SEO and digital advertising. Those who adopt a dynamic digital strategy will certainly be a step ahead. 

Digital Marketing Tools can be Game-Changers

The thing with digital marketing is that it gives a number of tools and applications to measure the performance of your executed digital strategies. Unlike physical buying and purchasing, the online customer journey can be tracked and a lot of information is available in the hands of marketers to understand the current trends.

Data and Analytics are the game-changers in the Coronavirus situation. As customers presently at home are searching for necessary items, it is imperative that brands utilize this chance to make themselves available for them.

Tools like Google Analytics gives you a plethora of information like people visiting your website in real-time, how long did they stay, links that they clicked and so on. It lets you know the geographical locations, demographic details and if they have converted or not. 

Also, social media marketing platforms help to reach a large audience even with a single post. A well-informed approach will help to prepare content strategies that can engage customers who are spending a lot of time on these platforms.

Leads and Conversions with Digital Marketing

Leads and conversions are what the business wants and return on investment with digital marketing is promising even now. If you are an e-commerce player, digital buying and payment transaction is easy and people are opting for it more. 

Also, brands can use email marketing to keep in touch with prospects as well as loyal customers. Even if they do not convert at once, leads and conversions will follow once the Coronavirus crisis is overcome. 

Especially for those leveraging SEO services, it is a wonderful opportunity to continue investing in the process. Search Engines like Google are still used and it is important to keep up the website rankings and organic website traffic. This can also help brands get leads and conversions. 

Digital Marketing is Cost-effective

Since the lockdown and social distancing measures are in place, it is difficult for brands who use traditional methods of sales and marketing to grow and make profits. A huge amount of money spent on billboards, brochures or even print advertising is not giving desired output. Stakeholders are also becoming cautious to scale expenditures. 

On the other hand, businesses are looking to maintain the cash flow and do savings as much as possible. In such a scenario, digital marketing is an effective way to cut the marketing budgets and perhaps use some part of it on digital platforms. It is, of course, cost-effective and at the same time bankable.This way you can stay connected with your customers as well without burning a hole in your pocket. When demands increases, you can be on the top of the customer’s mind.

The Bounce Back Strategy & Better Growth

It would have been easy if someone could have predicted when the Coronavirus situation will end and the long term impact could be understood here and now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Therefore, it is highly important to involve two key things in the bounce back strategy. One is to be proactive and alert.

During this economic downtime, there are chances that competitor brands may take the foot off the peddle in digital marketing efforts. But, always remember only strong brands emerge stronger. Cutting digital marketing to zero is not the solution, but utilizing it at the appropriate place will give you results and generate revenue. Be proactive with your strategies and as with any thing digital. Test, experiment and rework. What works best should be retained and pushed further.

Meanwhile, you can engage in some activities which can have a long term benefit. This can range from restructuring the website navigation structure to make it more user-friendly. Remember, that people are using search engines a lot during this lock down period. So, allocate some time on website optimization. Similarly, sharper the Search engine optimization system in place. Do keyword research and see what can be used for your brand. Deep dive into trends and carve out a new strategy for SEO. 

Content strategy can be redefined during this time. Understand customer behaviour, read a lot and make highly useful content that can help your customers. Brands related to health, safety and essential items can take their digital marketing a notch higher for sure. Long-form content like blogs can focus on Coronavirus and how people can together and fight off this crisis. 
Social media is the best place to promote content. Make sure it is relevant, light and without any offense.

In advertising, spend time in A/B testing and see what is working well and what is not. It is a good time to brainstorm new ideas and innovative ways to help your customers. See, what will make customers like your brand, products and services. Show genuine care for people. The last thing you want is brands losing their image with unwanted content and self-promotions. Therefore, maintain the right balance. 

Videos are doing great even now. People are consuming videos more thane ever. Brands can leverage the power of videos to connect with the customers, find new customers as well. Keep the priorities up and set a deadline. This will further inspire you to achieve brand goals.  

You can also spend time understanding advertisement spends made and the results earned and how to use the same in the future. If need be, completely overhaul the digital marketing strategy. Be unique and willing to take risks as well. This augurs well for brands during the lockdown as you will keep appearing before your audience. As soon as the situation becomes better, people will surely buy from you. 

Be alert on how the Coronavirus is shaping up, what government is planning and ascertain if the customer mindset has changed or not. Keep yourself updated on recent trends and evaluate what can be done. You can experiment with light content using memes or connect with customers by creating creative but genuinely helpful campaigns.

Brands who adapt to the changing dynamics of marketing currently will reap rewards in the future. If you are looking for the leading digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, contact LogicLoop Digital. The services include SEO, PPC, Content and Social Media Marketing, Website building and much more.  

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