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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Trends in 2020

A new business blooms every day with this the competition for grabbing the attention of viewers heightens. If you stay at the top of the SEO then you can meet the requirements required ranking a website.

The fundamental principle is it is easy to attract the audience by using the SEO techniques. The strategies which are used now are very different when compared with the strategies back in previous years.  

SEO and Marketing Trends in 2020

So, what are the SEO and Marketing Trends in 2020? And How can you access them?

There are thousands of changes made in the search algorithms. Most of the changes are small and have an impact on the search ranking. Overview of SEO and marketing trends in 2020, the business expects a shift from text-based strategies to strategic ballgame which includes videos, images, semantics, and personalized content.

1) Race to Position Zero

In search engine results pages, there is no position no. 1 anymore. The distinction relies on the “Rank Zero Snippet” or “Position Zero”. It is known as the Holy Grail of SEO from 2020.

The change from position zero to SEO prominence is because of popularity gained by Voice Search Engine Optimization, it is transforming the way SEO works.

The SEO trend is dominated by the zero-click search results; it is contributing about 62.5% of the mobile phone searches and 34.4% of the PC searches.
The growing geography of position zero is changing the perception of the business to strategize their plan.

If you are not able to rank your website then you can use outsourcing web services related to digital marketing services by which you can rank your website on a better platform and it will definitely gain traffic by the great rankings. To increase the traffic of any website you have to rank a website on the better places in the search engine result pages

2) Importance of Voice Search Rises

Back in the time, the voice assistant was not used by people and was only consumed by few branded devices. Due to enhancement in technology especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) is assisting people to get perfect search results by using audio content. 

● It is stated that more than 30% of the people in 2020 will be done by using the audio device and there will be no need for the screens. 

● There is a great demand for voice-activated speakers for personal use. There are 72% of the people who are currently using it on a daily basis. 

● Companies to execute their Digital Marketing plan are using a voice search strategy to grab the attention of the consumer. 

● The major aim of voice search optimization is to provide better consumer experience and to foster a healthy relationship between brand and consumer.

3) More Extensive use of Visual Search

Doing an online search without texting or voice search but doing it through visual search. It is recorded that 62% of the people are more inclined towards visual search as compared to other search technology. There are many visual search tools which include:

Pinterest Lens: There are 600 million visual searches that are done through Pinterest every month. Pinterest allows the user to search for the product through the visual of the item. 

Google Lens: It is a camera app which acts as a Google’s visual search engine. This app can identify landmarks, objects, and items. The information which you receive through the Google lens will be entirely based on the object that was recognized.

CamFind: It is a mobile app which is used to do a visual search; you click the snap and get information. Details that you receive will vary according to the time of the item searched. They have the capacity to search for the price comparisons and also to get information on events and movies.

Bing Visual Search: It allows users to search over the Microsoft extensive visual database. You can search on a detailed view or full view that will allow you to access the visual search on the specific element.

4) Video Search is Dominating

The most dominating feature of the Digital Marketing strategy is video search which has to gain lots of popularity. There are many video marketing variations which can help you:

Video SEO: Gaining popularity through video SEO is just tremendous. It includes the videos uploaded on YouTube, Google, or any other channels which are optimized through text overlays, descriptive titles, and optimized with the informative captions.

Video: Businessmen deliver personalized messages for their consumers and provide information about their brand through phone calls or emails.

360 Degree Video: there has been a phase where people urge the interactive content which also includes visuals.

Live Video:  this is the popular digital marketing tool that is used to attract a target audience. It is used by the brand or the events to promote their product or the services.

5) Content Marketing is the “HERO”

Despite these modern technological tools, convincing and attractive content is king, it is a powerful weapon through which you can attract an audience to your website and built up a strong relationship with them. 

Content Marketing

● 38% of the B2B Digital marketers focus on extracting quality content to attract their target audience. And 81% of the B2C digital marketers focus on content marketing to catch up with a loyal consumer base.

●  The content strategy focuses on the usage of the natural language. It can be driven through the search algorithm which also includes the BERT system (Google’s new algorithm).

● The most important element while creating content for SEO is Semantic keywords. The reason backed here is to write down the relevant content according to their interest not for Google. This is the strategy that is applied by 90% of digital marketers.


The strategy used by most of the digital marketers is to get the relevant content for their website. Search Engine Optimization is the moving drifty; it is the most exciting industry to work in. Just when you think that you have to grab knowledge related to SEO, a new algorithm is updated. 

SEO is considered to be the holistic process in which you require both online and offline marketing strategies. You should invest proper time to understand in and outs of SEO to get the leads and to stay on top of the SEO and marketing trends.

New technologies are coming and giving rise to innovative techniques like video, images, and voice to search. It all settles down to provide the search results according to the need of the users. It revolves all-around how the search should be and to get the desired results out of the search. 

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