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How to Gain More Followers on Facebook

Since the appearance of social networks more than a decade ago, they have become an additional marketing channel for all businesses. In addition, an effective strategy in Social Media can help catapult your e-commerce to success as we analyzed in this case study.

Among all social networks, Facebook, with more than 2,000 million users, remains the cornerstone of networks. Today we're going to show you several ways to gain more Facebook followers and leverage it to increase your sales.

The advantages of creating followers

It is by analyzing reality and being aware of the challenges of creating content that we will see the benefits.

1. Social essay

As an online buyer, we are reassured to know that we are not alone.
Seeing that the brand has the support of many people in the form of likes, this transmits confidence and increases the conversion rate of your e-commerce.
It's a bit like the symptom of an empty restaurant; your users are looking for people and atmosphere:
  • A large community.
  • Up-to-date publications.
  • Opinions.
  • Comments and conversations in the posts.
  • Shared articles. 
It is therefore important to animate a page with real followers. If you succeed, you will be quieter.

2. Segmentation

When you have a larger fan base, you can create segments to personalize and better target your Facebook Ads campaigns
This is applicable for larger sites and allows users who already know us to be filtered.
Ads Manager, the Facebook campaign manager, offers to link specific campaigns to people who have already subscribed.

3. Fields of application

It is obvious that with more followers come more fields of applications. It is now essential to interact with your followers. It is no longer a question of simply accumulating them as some went so far as to buy false followers. Today is a waste of time and money. 

Strategy to increase the number of followers on Facebook

1. Add a “Like” button to your site

The ability to become a fan of your site's Facebook page without having to leave the page is a quick and effective form of gaining visitor loyalty. 
This is to facilitate the process for the user and to save him the time he should spend to open Facebook, search for your page and finally click on the same “Like” button.
It is imperative nowadays to highlight this “Like” button as well as a box to subscribe to the newsletter. 

2. Implement a Social Locker

This WordPress plugin is a great way to gain a large number of Facebook followers and increase the circulation of your publications. 
Social Locker hides a “special” file, whether it's the best part of a post, a video, or a link to download a file. This part will only be unlocked in exchange for a social action, in this case a “like”.
We recommend that you use it in moderation. 
Avoid including it in all your content because your subscribers could perceive you as a person only interested in seeing its visibility increase at all costs.

3. Organize contests and sweepstakes

This is arguably the best technique for gaining Facebook followers. Organizing these contests from time to time will allow you to win a large number of likes and shares for a low price; you will also be perceived as a friendly brand that rewards its fans. 
Even if the probability of winning is low, many of your fans will participate. As well as some people who barely discover your page! After all, who doesn't love free things? 

4. Focus on engagement

You already know that without working behind, your publications will go unnoticed.
The important thing is not really the number of followers on Facebook but rather the amount of “people who talk about it”. This data highlights your real reach because it is the followers who really interact with your content.

5. Keep a page up to date 
  • With the new algorithm and the loss of organic reach, many fan pages have given up.
  • Publications over a year fixed in the biography.
  • Unanswered notes and comments.
  • Etc.
It gives a feeling of abandoned house, which is not good for your brand image.
What would be the point for Facebook to send visitors to a poor quality website?
It is best not to have a fan page to pass on the neglect. Remember the social test: would you like to eat in a bar so empty that even the owner does not go there and where the posters date from two years ago?

6. Create Facebook groups

Coming back to engagement, you should also create a Facebook group open to your followers.
Even if your participation will be done from your personal account and not directly from your page, creating a Facebook group will give you a lot of advantages:
Strengthen your online reputation
Improve your visibility
This makes the members much more active, interacting with each other and with you.

7. Create unique content for Facebook

Facebook likes internal content, i.e. posts that allow users to stay on the platform (for as long as possible).
Its business is based on advertising and the longer users stay, the more Facebook can show them a large amount of content.

8. Find the best time to post

Unfortunately, for the moment, there is no magic formula. It's up to you to test and identify when your posts generate the most engagement.
Depending on your activity, your followers can be more during the day (in these cases you will publish in the middle of the morning), or else your followers are more active on social networks at night and in these cases it will be advisable to publish your content rather than dinner time.

9. Send visits to your fan page

It is possible that you carry out an online networking strategy based on comments from blogs and pages in your sector.
In these comments, or in forums and other communities, you usually have space to leave a URL. Once your fan page is worked, updated and in motion, it's a good idea to leave this URL in place of your website.

10. BONUS: Invite your followers to click on "see first"

If you want to get an extra boost in audience for your posts, you should try this.
Your subscribers, unfortunately, do not follow you exclusively, but also follow many other brands. And that means that your posts compete with those of all the other brands that your followers also follow. When you visit a Facebook page, there is an option to set the priority with which you want to see the published content and notifications of this brand.
Invite your subscribers to select "See first" or even invite them to turn on notifications to receive a warning when you post something new.

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