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ASO Positioning of Apps. What is it and how to do it?

Positioning ASO
When we talk about the positioning of ASO (App Store Optimization) we talk about the optimization of mobile applications with the aim of achieving better positions in the application stores, in the so-called markets, such as Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS) and Windows Marketplace (Windows Phone). In other words, the ASO is the SEO of mobile applications.
ASO Positioning

According to a study conducted by Abu Dhabi preschool in 2013, 63% of users know new apps searching the markets, hence the importance of positioning, since the applications that achieve the first positions obtain the highest visibility and, therefore, a greater number of downloads and installations on users' smartphones, which translates into higher profitability than other apps that are not optimized and appear poorer.

The previous graphic that I show you comes from this study, adapted and included in a guide elaborated by Tribal Worldwide Spain, IAB Spain and PickASO in 2014, and that you can consult here .

Positioning factors ASO
But what are the factors that influence to correctly position an application and get appear in the first positions? Well, just like when we work on the SEO of web pages where there are SEO factors On-Page and Off-Page, in the case of applications there are ASO On-Metadata and Off-Metadata factors.
The ASO On-Metadata positioning factors are those whose compliance depends on ourselves and on which we can work to make a good optimization:
1. Name of the App : besides being striking, it must contain the keywords for which we want to be found when a user performs a search in the market.
2. Name of the Developer : the seniority is important, since the more senior the developer has, the better the position of the app will be.
3. Description : should draw the attention of users, include the main keywords and, as far as possible, anticipate resolving any type of doubt that may arise to potential customers.
4. Screenshots : they play an important role when it comes to helping the user to make the decision to download or not the app. An attractive, simple and functional design is usually the best weapon.
5. Icon : as it happens with the screenshots, it does not help the positioning directly but it is the factor in which the users are first fixed and, therefore, it must be striking so that it is clicked and the users browse the app.
6. Categories : if we choose Google Play, the apps are divided into "Applications" and "Games", categories that we must take into account when launching our application. In App Store and Windows Marketplace, applications must be included in a main category and, depending on the type of application, there will be an option to include them in a secondary category or subcategory, respectively.
These factors are common in the three stores, but depending on the market we still have another, such as:
1. Keywords: in the case of App Store and Windows Marketplace we have a field called "Keywords" to include the main keywords with which we want to position ourselves when someone searches the market.
2. Video: Google Play allows us to include an explanatory video of the operation of the app, very useful and decisive when downloading the app.

On the other hand are the ASO Off-Metadata positioning factors , which are those on which we can not directly work but which also affect the positioning of our application, and are:
1. Number of Downloads : is the factor that most influences the algorithms in the positioning. In addition to being an indication of the popularity of an application, it is an incentive in the decision of installation for the user. A good way to know the success of an app and get a good initial positioning is according to the number of downloads during the first days of release.
2. Uninstallations : a large number of uninstallations is a sign that the app is not good enough and does not meet the expectations of users, so you should work on it.
3. Comments : Like the number of downloads, the number of comments has a very positive influence on positioning since the more comments users make about the app, the better positions we will get.
4. Ratings : the famous stars are interpreted as positive ratings, a factor that helps to know the effectiveness of an app according to the experiences of users, which translates into better positioning and more downloads.
5. Linkbuilding : only available for Google Play. As with websites, Google values positively the links to the app that come from authoritative and popular websites.

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