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A creative way to fund your SEO

When we are stuck up with something, instantly we search the same via search engines. Imagine you only receive ads, hidden files, codes and texts. Its frustrating right, you will never wish to visit the same again. Because what we want is content. Imagine a packet of chips it’s full of air and certain amount of Chips. Similarly here the website becomes irrelevant. A person will never visit a website which as less content or irrelevant content or you doesn’t get exactly what we are searching for. As a result the traffic of the website gradually decreases. Here comes the story of SEO.

How to improve SEO

Search Engine optimization is nothing but triggering a website, hence a person can easily spot the website via different search engines. It is basically related to enhance the traffic of any website. When we prepare a model a product but if we don’t market it, the product does not reach to the customer. Similarly when an individual is designing his/her blog but the website is not getting much traffic, there is no use of the same. Content is utmost important when we are talking about search engine optimization.

SEO can be categorized on the basis of color such as White Hat Search Engine Optimization and Red Hat Search Engine Optimization.

White Hat SEO - It is nothing but properly utilize the techniques constraint and is run only on certified websites. It is steady and gradual in nature. The content of White Hat SEO is strong. It involves acquisition, restructuring constraints.

Black Hat SEO - Black Hat Search Engine Optimization most of the time showcase the flaws related to the algorithm. It is slow in nature and includes spam most of the time. Black Hat SEO includes certain hidden codes and hidden links.

There is another type of Search Engine Optimization, which is never discussed that is Gray Hat Search Engine optimization, the name says it all it is neither relevant nor irrelevant; it is the middle way of the road. There is no bracket for SEO Services, A corporate firm, an entrepreneur or an individual can follow any strategy to optimize and trigger their search engine. The more the visibility, more is the traffic and the success rate is defined according to the traffic rate.

The SEO is cost effective as compared to Pay per click and Google Ads. The return on investment is high as compared other advertisement. It is more credible in nature and gives an insight of the customer trends or behavior of the customer. Now days branding has become easier with search engine optimization. The online marketing and advertisement has changed with SEO and its content. There are numerous SEO techniques and tools which can be used for various marketing techniques and attracts more and more end users. It helps the business to grow and achieve the objective and business goal in much easier way. The SEO must be flexible and handy in nature. Basically; it must be designed in such a way it is understood by the layman. When SEO is the point of discussion, spammers and spamming do come in the middle of the content. The individual or the owners should take preventive measures to stay away from spamming.

Different creative ways to fund your SEO

Still struggling what to write, how to write..How to fund the SEO? Your hobby has transformed into disaster? Make it a passion. There is a solution to every possible problem. It is the time to think in  a creative way. Yes creativity can find your SEO. Below mentioned are certain techniques which will not only save your money but time too.

Funding a SEO can be done in a creative way as well. The planning and budgeting is utmost important when you are planning for Search Engine optimization.

Prepare a budget - Before starting the SEO constraint make sure you have fully planned budget, so that you can arrange the contents and other required tools accordingly. Budget preparation must not compromise with the quality and content for the required constraint. To be creative you need not to be expensive. The amount we spend on making the SEO attractive, we can make it flashy and attractive with our attractive by content, specific creative keywords. Nevertheless, creativity is an emotion; it cannot be mapped with the budget.

Organizing various online events, cashback offers or cash prizes -Now a days Cashback and offers are in the trend. Customers gets attracted to those offers. The  individual can arrange online events or any online spin win games, which will not only keep the customers intact and engaged but will increase the traffic of the website without any additional burden or cost. The games should not be monotonous rather it should be interesting. In Cashback and offers you can include meal coupon, Cashback offer related to flight booking or train or bus booking. Make the events so lucrative that the customer cannot resist themselves from participating.

Focus on long-tail key rather than prompting the website through a third party or via vendor - while planning for SEO factors make sure you are the king of your own SEO content. Preparing SEO strategy via third party or via vendor, not only lose your control over the contents but also ends your creativity. The third-party vendor may charge you a huge amount and there is no guarantee it will be up to the mark. Hence, it is rightly said you only can build your dream empire. Polish your content in such a way ,the end user is not only satisfied but is delighted an overwhelmed.


At the end what matters, how much traffic is generated? How was the user experience? A search engine optimization or content or blog is said to be good if only a layman can understand it. If a layman understands the same anyways your website is being promoted via word of mouth. There is no need of extra effort with respect to promotions.This strategy and techniques will direct the website as most viewed blog or link.

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