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Unlocking Success with Explainer Video Production Services


    Explainer videos have quickly become an invaluable asset to businesses and organizations to communicate their messages effectively with audiences. Short, engaging, and conveying complex information quickly to an audience - they make for effective messaging and engagement! 

    However, creating one requires expertise in video production services; we will explore all facets of explainer videos in this comprehensive guide! 

    Explainer Video Production Services

    We will cover what they are, why they matter, and how to select an ideal production service to bring your ideas to life!

    What Are Explainer Videos?

    Explainer videos are concise, visually appealing pieces of content that aim to explain a concept, product, or service in a simple and engaging way. 

    → Types and Use Cases

    ● Animated Explainer Videos: These use animation and graphics to convey information, making them versatile and suitable for various industries.

    ● Live-Action Explainers: Featuring real actors or scenarios, these videos add a personal touch and are often used for product demonstrations.

    ● Whiteboard Explainers: These videos simulate the process of drawing on a whiteboard or paper and are great for educational content.

    → Common Industries and Use Cases

    ● Tech Startups: Explaining complex software or apps.

    ● E-commerce: Demonstrating products and their benefits.

    ● Education: Simplifying academic concepts for students.

    ● Healthcare: Clarifying medical procedures or services.

    Benefits of Explainer Videos

    1. Engaging and Concise Communication

    Explainer videos are an engaging and effective way to communicate quickly and clearly to an audience in today's fast-paced digital environment.

    2. Boosting Conversion Rates

    When used on landing pages, explainer videos can significantly increase conversion rates, turning visitors into customers.

    3. Improving Brand Awareness

    A well-crafted explainer video can help your brand stand out and be remembered in a crowded marketplace.

    Key Components of Explainer Video Production Services

    Creating a compelling explainer video involves several key components:

    1. Pre-production

    ● Scriptwriting and Storyboarding: Crafting a compelling script and visualizing the story through storyboards are critical early steps.

    ● Voiceover and Narration Selection: Choosing the right voice to convey your message is essential for connecting with your audience.

    2. Production

    ● Animation or Filming: Depending on your chosen style, this phase involves animation design or actual filming.

    ● Graphics and Visuals: Create eye-catching graphics and visuals that align with your brand.

    3. Post-production

    ● Editing and Sound Design: Meticulous editing ensures a smooth flow, while sound design enhances the viewer's experience.

    ● Adding Music and Effects: Music sets the mood, and effects emphasize key points.

    How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Production Service

    Selecting the right production service can make or break your explainer video project. Here's how to make an informed choice:

    1. Assess Your Needs and Goals

    ● Identify Your Target Audience: Understanding your audience's preferences and needs is crucial.

    ● Clarify Your Message: Determine the core message you want to convey and the action you want viewers to take.

    2. Budget Considerations

    ● Set a Realistic Budget: Balancing your expectations with your budget is vital. Quality often comes at a price.

    3. Portfolio and Previous Work

    ● Review Their Portfolio: Look for services with a diverse portfolio that showcases their versatility.

    4. Communication and Collaboration

    ● Assess Their Communication Skills: Effective collaboration is key, so ensure they have clear communication channels.

    The Production Process

    Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Explainer Video

    ● Idea Generation: Brainstorm ideas and concepts that align with your goals.

    ● Script Development: Craft a compelling script that engages and informs.

    ● Storyboarding: Visualize your script with sketches or digital storyboards.

    ● Voiceover or Casting: Choose a voice that matches your brand and audience.

    ● Animation/Live-Action Production: Bring your vision to life through animation or filming.

    ● Editing and Post-Production: Careful editing and sound design add the final polish.

    Timelines and Milestones

    ● Setting Realistic Timelines: Plan your project with realistic milestones to ensure a smooth production process.

    Cost of Explainer Video Production

    1. Factors Influencing the Cost

    ● Length and Complexity: Longer or more complex videos typically cost more.

    ● Style: The chosen style, such as 2D or 3D animation, can impact costs.

    ● Voiceover Talent: Experienced narrators may charge higher fees.

    ● Revisions and Additional Services: Changes and additional features can add to the cost.

    2. Typical Price Ranges

    ● Short Explainers (30-60 seconds): $1,000 - $5,000

    ● Standard Explainers (60-90 seconds): $5,000 - $10,000

    ● Complex Explainers (90+ seconds): $10,000+

    3. How to Budget Effectively

    ● Get Multiple Quotes: Compare quotes from different production services.

    ● Consider Long-Term ROI: Remember that the investment can yield long-term benefits.

    4. Impact on Businesses

    ● Increased Conversion Rates: Case studies show significant boosts in conversion rates.

    ● Enhanced Brand Visibility: Memorable videos help brands stand out in competitive markets.

    DIY Explainer Videos

    1. Benefits of DIY:

    ● Cost Savings: DIY explainer videos can be budget-friendly since you don't have to pay for professional services.

    ● Creative Control: You have complete creative control over the project, allowing you to tailor it to your brand's specific vision.

    ● Flexibility: DIY projects enable you to work at your own pace, make revisions as needed, and experiment with different ideas.

    2. Challenges of DIY:

    ● Learning Curve: Creating high-quality explainer videos requires a range of skills, including scriptwriting, animation, and video editing. You may need to invest time in acquiring these skills.

    ● Time-Consuming: DIY projects often take longer, especially if you're learning as you go along. This can delay your video's completion and deployment.

    ● Limited Resources: DIY videos may lack access to professional voiceover talent, music, or high-quality graphics, which can impact the video's overall appeal.

    Using Freelancers (e.g., Fiverr)

    1. Advantages of Hiring Freelancers:

    ● Affordable Expertise: Freelancers on platforms like Fiverr offer specialized services, allowing you to access professional-level skills without the expense of a full production team.

    ● Wide Talent Pool: You can choose from a global pool of freelancers with diverse expertise, making it easier to find the right individuals for each aspect of your project.

    ● Customization: Freelancers provide the flexibility to assemble a team tailored to your project's specific requirements, ensuring you get the best talent for each task.

    2. Considerations when Working with Freelancers:

    ● Coordination: Managing multiple freelancers can be challenging and time-consuming, as you need to coordinate different aspects of the project.

    ● Quality Assurance: Quality can vary significantly among freelancers, so thorough vetting, clear communication, and managing expectations are crucial.

    ● Communication Challenges: Collaborating remotely with freelancers may lead to communication gaps and misunderstandings, requiring clear project briefs and regular updates.

    Working with an Explainer Video Production Company (e.g., Liquona)

    Liquona stands out in the industry with its distinct set of values that set them apart. Their commitment as an explainer video production company to these values makes them a standout choice for clients seeking top-notch video solutions:

    Their Core Values

    ● Image Enhancement: Liquona's primary goal is to make clients shine, ensuring that every project reflects positively on them.

    ● Transparency: They maintain a transparent and adaptable approach to projects, making working with them a smooth experience.

    ● Honesty: Liquona has a strict "no fibs" policy, guaranteeing clear and straightforward communication.

    ● Passion for Video: Their team is deeply passionate about video production, and dedicated to delivering top-quality results.

    ● CSR Excellence: Liquona has won awards for its CSR initiatives, showing its commitment to local impact.

    ● Carbon Negativity: They are the first UK agency to achieve carbon negativity, emphasizing sustainability.

    ● Budget Integrity: Liquona consistently stays within budget, ensuring financial transparency.

    ● Tailored Responsiveness: Their business model is agile, allowing them to tailor each project to specific client needs.

    Their Proven Track Record

    ● They prioritize understanding clients' communication objectives, making them a successful company.

    ● With a team experienced in broadcast TV and commercial film production, they consistently deliver top-notch results.

    ● Editorial excellence is central to their content creation.

    ● Their brand promise, "We Make You Look Good," is reinforced by satisfied clients, as seen in their testimonials.


    Explainer videos are an indispensable asset to modern businesses and organizations, helping boost engagement, conversion rates and brand visibility. To unlock their full potential, select an explainer video production service that suits both your goals and budget; using this guide as your roadmap you can start crafting videos that leave lasting impacts with audiences across platforms - don't miss the chance to harness visual storytelling's incredible power!

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