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Hosting virtual art exhibitions or galleries to showcase art paintings


    With the advancement in technology and the development of several wonderful technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, art exhibitions are held on the internet virtually. Creating and hosting virtual art galleries is an incredible way to showcase your art and paintings these days. The artist creates their art, builds a network, and virtually shares their art and paintings with art lovers. In this article, we will explore the ways of Hosting virtual art exhibitions or galleries to showcase art paintings. If you want to host a virtual exhibition and looking for paintings and consultation for related services then you can take inspiration and consultation from Artist Winslow Homer.


    The Topic reflects artists must take inspiration and consultation from the works of Artist Winslow Homer when hosting virtual exhibitions. Winslow Homer was a prominent American artist known for his realist style of painting and his depictions of nature and the sea. Regarded as one of the most popular artists of the 19th century in America. Homer was a self-taught genius who started his career as a commercial illustrator. Hosting a virtual exhibition of his paintings could be a great way to showcase his works to a wider audience.

    How do host virtual art exhibitions display art paintings?

    Virtual exhibitions or galleries are not only displaying art and paintings to people on a website; it is all about making a beautiful and creative virtual museum of such a type that gives a marvelous real and captivating experience to people who are watching your art. The world of art is becoming incredibly virtual as technology develops further. This evolution cannot replace the engaging experience of physical galleries but facilitate those who cannot visit physical galleries and exhibitions.

    If you want to create, a virtual art exhibition or gallery then follow the steps below:

    → 1. Select the right platform to host a virtual exhibition

    First, you need to select the right platform for creating a virtual exhibition. You can make a web page and keep it available on the internet for people to watch your art or 

    You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to host your art.

    You will get several ways to host your virtual exhibition. Some platforms are best when considering high-resolution images while some give flexible layout and design. Some platforms are best for exhibition on a large scale while some are friendlier and give options to interact between viewers and hosts.  

    Following are the major platforms and ways to host your virtual platform and select one according to your desire:

    →→ ● WordPress and other site-building platforms

    If you want to host your exhibition in the form of a webpage then you can use WordPress or other such platforms to create and host a virtual exhibition based on a web page. Many people like WordPress due to its flexible features and ease of building a website or webpage. The major benefit is that you do not need any programming knowledge and skillset to build a website or webpage through WordPress.

    If you want to use this platform for making a webpage to host your virtual art exhibition or gallery, you should remember that and are two different things with different features and functionality options.

    →→ ● Facebook and Instagram

    Some artists use Instagram and Facebook to host their virtual art exhibitions. Facebook enables users of the facility to organize and host any type of event online. As many people use smartphones instead of computer and laptops to view art that’s why Facebook 

    In addition, Instagram is compelling to many artists for hosting their virtual art exhibitions and displaying their art.

    Additionally, Facebook and Instagram give great features for interaction between viewer and host such as viewers can leave comments in the comment section and like the posts that can be countable. You can easily count the interaction and impression on every post.

    →→ ● Pinterest

    Pinterest can also be the best source to host your virtual art exhibition. It is best to create an art show. You can make a board on Pinterest where you can post your picture and display your art. The art that you display on the board is easily accessible. Pinterest can give a personalized experience to people who are attending virtual galleries on Pinterest.

    → 2. Create a Captivating Virtual Art Gallery

    Once you select a platform to host your virtual art exhibition, the next step to do is to create your art gallery. 

    →→● Factor to consider

    For creating interactive art galleries, you should consider the following factors:   

    ⮚ First, select the type of artwork you want to display in your virtual gallery. You need to select Important and attractive art pieces from your art collection. You should pick the pictures, Oil paintings, and art, which signifies your style.

    ⮚ For making your gallery attractive, you need to work carefully on color combinations. If you want to display handmade art then you should ensure that you make it in a way that makes your perspective about it clear.

    ⮚ If you do not have the skills of taking good pictures of your ark, then you should hire a photographer who professionally takes pictures of your art to better display in your virtual art exhibition.

    →→● Ways to create art gallery | Software to create Virtual Art galleries

    The easiest way to create a virtual art gallery is to use software that is designed for this purpose. Following are some of the popular software for creating virtual art galleries:


    ExhibitDay is one of the top software companies, which enables artists to create and host virtual art galleries. ExhibitDay is a SAAS tool that is designed to facilitate small and medium-sized exhibitors. Using this software, you can manage events, exhibit closet reservations, and can do much more.

    Artwork Art Gallery

    You can also use this software if you want to make a virtual art gallery to display your artwork. It is designed for agencies, enterprises, and exhibitors to make exhibitions.

    → 3. Marketing of Art Gallery or Virtual Art Exhibitions

    The last step of hosting virtual art exhibitions is to promote your event. Select the date for the grand opening of the event. You should always remember that this is a virtual event so you can keep opening at nighttime but this is not an end time. You can select any date or time that you think is better for your event.

    You can promote your event through different ways like social media marketing, email marketing, ad, pamphlets, or other traditional advertisement sources. You can reach an audience through local media or get some coverage for your virtual art gallery. The key to success is to reach as many viewers as possible for your event. It is not hard to promote such events; the only need is to make this event exciting for people.

    What are the benefits of hosting virtual exhibitions?

    The following are some benefits of hosting virtual exhibitions:

    → ● Convenience

    The major benefit of the virtual exhibition is the convenience and ease it provides to everyone. People do not have time to attend physical exhibitions because they have fixed time. Virtual exhibitions enable people to view artwork at the time when they want. They only need to get access to the event.

    → ● Greater access

    Anyone in the world can view the event that exhibitors host online. They can view at any time from anywhere.

    → ● Display unlimited paintings and artwork  

    You can get flexible space to display your artwork when you host an exhibition virtually. You can display as many paintings as you want. You can organize and host virtual art galleries and exhibitions on a large scale

    → ● Ease in management

    Virtual exhibitions enable exhibitors to rearrange or update artwork as rapidly as they want. They have ease in management.

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