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Smartphones: The New Era of Marketing

    Remember when the sole purpose of the phone was to make calls? Well, not anymore. In today’s time, a mobile phone is one of the most powerful devices one can own. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that one can run entire businesses with just this one device. Internet browsing, gaming, social media, shopping, blogs, and even dating - it's all there just on that little device. 

    The diversification of the uses of mobiles has also brought us to their extensive use in business and marketing. To define, mobile marketing is the art of marketing your business to target mobile phone users. Mobile marketing establishes its presence on mobile smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices through in-game advertising, push notifications, and QR code scanning. 

    Smartphones: The New Era of Marketing

    How does mobile marketing work?

    In the past few years, mobile usage has surpassed the use of desktops and laptops. The majority of the audience is browsing on the move which is challenging businesses to make themselves mobile-friendly and compatible. Mobile marketing is here and it’s never been more important for marketers to adapt their strategies to mobile users. 

    Why is mobile marketing better than traditional marketing methods?

    Yes, the realm of mobile marketing can be difficult and it’s easy to get caught up. But with a robust and responsive mobile marketing strategy, it is nothing less than a boon for your business. And to make your work even easier you can outsource your marketing needs to a mobile marketing agency.

    Still, weighing in the pros and cons? Let’s have a look at some of the many benefits that mobile marketing can bring to your business. 

    ✔️ 1. Cost Effective

    Let’s admit it, traditional methods of marketing are costly and tedious and most of the time fail to target the right audience. But that’s not the case with mobile marketing. The targeted methodologies of mobile marketing give you much more return on every penny that you spend. Also, it offers multiple channels allowing you to choose one that fits your budget. The amount of content created also reduces with the screen size, and so does the budget. 

    ✔️ 2. Accessible and Responsive

    According to studies, people spend more than 4 hours of their day scrolling through their phones. They are checking their social media, playing their favorite games, or just browsing the web. The phone stays with them every single hour of the day. That gives you more than enough opportunities to communicate with their consumers anytime and anywhere. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your message across. 

    ✔️ 3. Reach the Global Audience

    Millions of people around the world and everyone owns a phone. So, what can be a better way to reach a global audience than mobile marketing? But that’s not all. Mobile marketing can also allow you to choose whom you want to reach based on demography, age, gender, or location preferences. 

    ✔️ 4. Multiple Channels

    Mobile marketing offers multiple channels to help you customize your strategies to your business needs. 

    Some of the channels include:

    • SMS Marketing
    • Mobile Websites
    • Mobile Apps
    • QR Codes

    Every channel comes with its own set of benefits and target consumer groups, making it easy for businesses to segregate their audience and appropriate channel. 

    ✔️ 5. Going Viral

    The internet is unpredictable. Everything on the internet can be shared - from one person to another and then across the world. In no time, your business is surpassing all your competitors. If the content is relevant to the consumer, they are going to share it and such resharing can get your brand a lot of exposure. 

    ✔️ 6. Mobile Payments

    Mobile payments are far more quicker and efficient than other methods like cash or credit/debit cards or net banking. That means it gives your consumers an incentive to purchase your product once they see it on one of the channels. Users can also make purchases directly from social media like Facebook or Instagram, making it even easier to purchase a product or a service. 

    Smartphones are constantly evolving and so are marketing strategies. Once we bring the two together, we open a new and exciting domain of mobile marketing which has the potential to take your business to the top. Go ahead - find the perfect mobile marketing agency and take your business on the path of growth. 

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