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How to choose the best slot game for you


In the past few years, online slot games have become increasingly popular. In recent years spectacular graphics and an ever-diverse range of themes are used to grab the attention and keep it there.


In fact, for those new to the game, quite literally, the sheer volume of slot games can be a little overwhelming! But once you’ve committed to a machine of your choice playing couldn’t be simpler.  

There are no complex rules, you pay your money, hit the button and that’s about it. Especially with more and more of us playing on our smartphones, hitting the slots has never been easier. 

Remember, however, you’re going to be playing for real-world money, so

before you begin playing do your research. We’re not just talking about researching the actual game either, look at some of the freely available information about the chances of winning or losing your money.

And while we’re on the subject of winning or losing money, let’s put that into some sort of context. The amount of money that slots machines make varies from game to machine, but collectively they generate a huge amount of revenue for the owners.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board report of July 2017, for example, focuses on the Las Vegas Strip and the forty locations therein. In fairness, the figures in the report aren’t just slot games, they also include other electronic games: video poker, keno and blackjack.


Even so, the numbers may surprise you:


• In one month these 38,434 slot machines in forty locations made $269,527,000. 

• Divide the revenue by the number of machines, that means each machine made $7,013 in one month

• Divide that figure again by 31 and you’ll learn each slot machine made an average of $219 a day. 

Now you have some idea of where your money goes, let’s take a look at some of the variations of games you might come across. We'll check out one popular online slot site and see what they have in store.

Firstly, each game is grouped into a theme, Jackpots, Arcade and Top Ten. And each game has a theme, like popular TV shows, adventure, mystery and, of course, the odd classic fruit machine.  

Which one you choose depends entirely on you. Though if you’re playing for money, the ‘jackpot’ category is very upfront as to how much you’ll win if everything lines up.

Of course, it doesn’t say how much you might lose, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the many free spins offered by virtually all the online slot sites.

This will enable you to get a feel for the games, and the sites, without losing your money. There is even a chance you might win something as well!

Assuming that you enjoyed your free trial and want to carry on playing, you’ll need to understand the concept of RTP. That stands for ‘return to player’ and it’s determined by an RNG (random number generator) set by the game provider. 

All you have to do is get the name of the slot game and google it. Hey presto, one RTP number, the higher the better, so at least the odds are more in your favour. 

It’s highly recommended that players new to slots, even those familiar with them, choose their games by RTP, not just fancy graphics! Go to Wink Games and ask for them to list their games with the RTP to get a better idea of how this works in practice.

One last thing, these days you don't necessarily have to use traditional online payment methods to play, and it is expected that a variety of payment methods will gain momentum in the near future. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, for example, are becoming more and more popular and may even increase your chances of winning. 

Let’s look at why:


• Fairness. Crypto casinos use algorithms with a low house edge, which means the odds are more in your favour rather than the online casino. Also, crypto games can’t be manipulated, and every outcome is verifiable. 

• Anonymity. You can be completely invisible to the online platform and your fellow players. That means less chance that someone is collecting your data and sharing it with a third party

• Speed. Using Crypto is faster than traditional methods because it works on blockchain, in essence, a database that stores data in blocks linked together in a chain.

It should be obvious that if you’re going to play slot games you need to do your research. Shoving money into the online version of what was formally called one-arm bandits couldn’t be simpler.

For this reason, follow our tips, take advantage of free trials, investigate the RTP and if you’ve not done so already, get your head around crypto! None of these will guarantee you’ll be winning at slots anytime soon, but you’ll reduce the odds against you.

Last but by no means least, make sure you set a budget and take plenty of breaks when playing.

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