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Create Graphic Designs For Social Networks - DesignCap

DesignCap is an alternative tool to Canva with which we can create images and text designs for social networks . Creations can be made from scratch or from the templates available in your catalog.

Graphic Designs For Social Networks - DesignCap

Table of Contents 

• What is DesignCap and how does it work
• Charts and Tables, my favorite DesignCap feature
• Design Plans in DesignCap

What is DesignCap and how it works

What is DesignCap

DesignCap is an easy and intuitive graphic design tool focused on creating content for social networks. However, it can also be used to design logos, business cards, or brochures.

Within the tool we can find an extensive catalog of available templates, grouped by categories: logos, Facebook posts, cover images on YouTube, etc. All these available designs can be customized by changing the text, images, font or colors.

The main advantage is flexibility: once we have chosen the size of the design, we can change the templates or their elements, or create compositions from scratch with blank templates.

The following steps are very simple. If you are used to using Canva, you will notice that the interface and functions are very similar.

In the menu on the left we can access the sections available for creating the posts: an archive of our images uploaded to the cloud, a catalog of predesigned templates, a section of free photos and premium photos from DesignCap, etc.

Charts and tables, my favorite DesignCap feature

Without a doubt, what I liked most about DesignCap is the possibility of integrating graphs and tables for data and statistics. And I don't mean to create them as an image from a template ...

At DesignCap we can create these charts with real data, using the figures in spreadsheets or integrated within the platform.

Charts and tables - DesignCap

It seems to be a very practical option because we can integrate more elements within the same platform, without having to resort to other graphic design tools to later export them as images and import them into graphic design software.

Pricing plans at DesignCap

DesignCap offers three types of accounts :

• Free plan: with a limited catalog of templates and images, and the possibility of uploading only 5 of your own images. In addition, we can keep only 5 designs and export them only in JPG format.

• Basic plan ($ 9 a month or $ 60 for annual payment) - with unlimited access to templates and catalog items and the ability to export designs in high-resolution PNG and PDF formats. We can upload a maximum of 100 own images and save up to 100 DesignCap designs.

• Plan Plus ($ 13 a month or $ 84 a year): Includes all the features of the basic plan and a limit of 1,000 saved designs and 1,000 own images uploaded to DesignCap.

Plan And Pricing - DesignCap

If we compare it with the plans that Canva offers, the free version of DesignCap is much more limited in functions, but its basic plan is a little cheaper than Canva's (which costs 9 euros per month).

However, as I have already mentioned above, what I like most about DesignCap is the possibility of designing graphs and tables within the tool itself , a very valuable extra detail compared to the Canva functions.

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