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Walmart Pharmacy Open and Close Timings Hours(Mon to Sun)


    Are you looking to buy your medicines in the best place? Then Walmart is the right place as it frequently has simply functioning pharmacies. You may purchase all of your prescriptions in one place. Walmart is dedicated to delivering accurate information about its products and services to provide the proper medication at the most excellent price. There are several Walmart pharmacies in the US. Also, Walmart is well known for its low prices and accessible locations. The Walmart Pharmacy extension is no different, providing affordable prescription services to make healthcare available to everyone. Here will see the complete list of Walmart pharmacy hours:

    Walmart Pharmacy Hours

    Walmart Pharmacy Hours of Operation

    On weekdays, all Walmart Pharmacy Hours typically open from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM. Walmart Pharmacy is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays and from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturdays.

    Walmart Pharmacy Time

    Starting Time

    Closing Time


    09:00 AM

    09:00 PM


    09:00 AM

    09:00 PM


    09:00 AM

    09:00 PM


    09:00 AM

    09:00 PM


    09:00 AM

    09:00 PM


    09:00 AM

    07:00 PM


    10:00 AM

    06:00 PM

    Customers should know that pharmacy hours at different Walmart Local Market locations may vary based on the store's location and management restrictions.

    Is The Walmart Pharmacy Open During Holidays?

    On some holidays, the pharmacy is closed, and on others, its hours are limited. The standard Walmart pharmacy holiday hours are as follows:

    Christmas Day – Closed

    Thanksgiving – Closed

    New Year's Day – Limited hours

    Easter Sunday – Limited hours

    Christmas Eve – Limited hours

    To find out when Walmart is open on Christmas Eve, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, and Black Friday, you must call the location closest to you. Prior to visiting Walmart to pick up your medicines, consider Walmart Pharmacy Hours and call customer service to confirm that the pharmacy will be available during these holiday hours. The pharmacy typically opens late and shuts very early.

    How to Get Your Prescriptions from Walmart Pharmacy?

    You can order your medicines from the Walmart pharmacy in a few different ways:

    • Visiting the Walmart website

    • Using the Walmart App

    • Calling the pharmacy at Walmart

    How to Find a Nearby WM Pharmacy Store?

    • Get the address and other information about the closest Walmart Pharmacy locations using the retailer's official store locator.

    • Visit the official store locator for Walmart.

    • Use the space provided on the left side to enter your ZIP code, state, or city.

    • You will get a list of every Walmart Pharmacy location in your nearby area.

    • The Walmart pharmacy hours or holiday hours for that particular store can be found by clicking on any specific shop.

    Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru Hours

    • When Walmart is open inside, the pharmacy drive-thru is available as well.

    • Most Walmart pharmacies offer drive-thru, curbside collection, and mail-to-home prescription pickup alternatives.

    • Pulling up to the dispensing window, you can refill your medications in the drive-thru.

    • It is a quicker and more efficient method of giving out tablets, allowing you to get your medication without looking for parking.

    • Additionally, if you arrive by car with your child, you won't have to worry about rousing them from sleep or carrying a sick child into the store.

    Final Thoughts

    Prescription medications are available at Walmart Pharmacy, a reputable and trustworthy source for healthcare requirements. It is entirely safest with qualified pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. The above listed are the time you can look at Walmart pharmacy opening and closing.

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