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Temporary Phone Numbers To Promote Business More Effectively


    Promoting goods or services on a global internet network is beneficial for businesses of any sort. This is especially relevant for the e-commerce niche and services that could be provided online like copywriting, web design, software development, and others. There are multiple techniques for advertising online including one that is about using temporary numbers. Such numbers allow the creation of numerous and basically infinite accounts on any existing internet platform for mass mailing and other tasks. Learn from our article about how it exactly works.

    Temporary Phone Numbers

    What are temporary phone numbers?

    Understanding what is this feature is the main thing that every user should do before starting to use it for one or another purpose. You should keep in mind that purpose doesn't really matter. Temporary numbers are always the same regardless of what they are used for. So, let's take a closer look at them.

    Often internet users consider temporary phone numbers as a technological solution for playing tricks like text bombers and others. In addition to the thought of it being not very useful, there is also an opinion that it doesn't work properly which is common for those solutions. But the truth is that it is a serious and effective feature that has nothing to do with those things.

    Temporary numbers are literally basic numbers from real cellular carriers with one difference: they are operated online through a wireless internet network. You don't need to have either a mobile phone or a SIM card to utilize them. This means that there is an opportunity to enjoy benefits that they bring to the table when located literally anywhere. Temporary phone numbers can be accessed by everyone.

    How they can help in promoting business?

    There are numerous use cases for temporary numbers. One of them is creating multiple accounts on the same online service. Moreover, users are not limited in how many numbers they can use. This makes it possible for users to register literally infinite profiles for one or another purpose. You can do that with:

    Social networking sites;

    • Instant messaging services;

    Online marketplaces, forums, and other platforms.

    Using temporary phone numbers is possible with any online service that provides such an option because, as we mentioned earlier, they are not different from regular numbers in their essence. Those are just the most common in the case of promoting a business on the web. Once accounts are created, there are multiple ways to go.

    Basically, profiles registered in this approach are used to do a mass mailing. You can reach out to much more people using multiple accounts than only one of them. Sending online messages to strangers also might lead to profiles being blocked. That is not an issue with temporary numbers. You can always operate them to register new accounts and replace blocked ones with them.

    The second way is about creating numerous threads about your goods or services on various forums and online marketplaces. Like in the previous case, having multiple profiles allows one to maximize promotion results and increase sales in the end. This is also a common technique to fake a frenzy with your own accounts which is especially beneficial for new businesses without constant customers and recognition.

    Overall, there also could be some other techniques. Most often people decide on their own how they will take advantage of the benefits provided by temporary phone numbers. We have named the most popular and effective ways though.

    Where to get temporary numbers?

    There are many ways to buy different temporary phone numbers for business online that come from real SIM cards issued by official cellular carriers. These online services are very new and are expanding quickly. Decent services, however, would have dependable temporary numbers, excellent customer care, and high-end hardware for quick delivery of SMS. There may be a big choice of websites with this talent.

    SMS-Man is a good choice to pick between others as they tend to actively replenish their stock, have more than a thousand supported websites and apps and offer some of the best prices in the market. They support customers from most countries around the world and offer fast-responding customer service which can speak a variety of languages to better tailor to your needs. Here's how to get temp phone number with them:

    1. Sign up for their official website through the appropriate form. This can be done with an email address as well as a profile on one of the popular online services such as Google, Facebook, Telegram, and others.

    2. Verify the registered account. You will get the link for this on entered email address.

    3. Proceed to the payment tab, explore available options, and use one to top up the balance with funds.

    3. Select the country of origin for the temporary number on the homepage.

    4. Scroll the main page down to the tab with websites and apps and choose among them the platform you are going to use the temporary phone number with.

    5. Press the purchase button.

    Every number is given automatically so there is no need to wait for someone to do anything. You will get one in the next second. Now it is only left to use the received temporary number for creating an account on an appropriate online service. This is easy to do as there is no difference between this process and the process of operating a real number. To keep registering additional profiles on the same platform, it is only necessary to keep getting and using new numbers.


    Temporary phone numbers are a pretty popular feature at this moment. They are actively used for completing a big variety of tasks on the web. However, not many people know yet about how they are effective for promoting business among internet users. Right now temporary numbers are used for this goal only by a small number of companies which already showing great results.

    The best thing about this feature though is that it is pretty cheap, especially compared to other solutions for advertising. For example, a hundred temporary phone numbers for registration on Facebook on most providing platforms costs around $30. This makes it affordable even for businesses with small budgets.

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