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Best Ways to Make Workplace Training Engaging and Fun


    Mandatory workplace training can make even the most dedicated employees stifle a yawn, especially if the training isn't engaging. However, training your personnel is necessary to ensure you retain your competitive edge against other companies in the industry. It is a great way to keep your personnel sharp and focused. Training sessions can also be a way to unwind and have fun, and it's a must to help keep a work-life balance.

    Workplace Training

    Motivating your personnel to attend mandatory training for employees can be challenging, but as a manager, you need to encourage and incentivize them so they can participate fully. You have to understand their trepidations about such training, and you should be able to address them properly. A good manager would provide their personnel with the right opportunities for advancement and keep the training as productive and fun as possible. 

    Here are some of the best ways to make training fun and engaging.

    → Set the mood properly 

    Whether the participants are familiar with each other, starting the training with a fun activity is always terrific. You have to set the mood right so your participants feel comfortable enough to realize they're in for a great time. For example, an icebreaker, a game, or a routine dance would perk them up before a session. 

    → Incorporate group dynamics 

    During training, it is always best to strengthen the ties within the group. One of the best ways to do so is to incorporate group dynamics, as it can develop friendships and open opportunities for collaboration. In addition, working with a group can strengthen soft skills, which would benefit your company. For example, you can observe the power dynamics as they arise and supervise accordingly. You can also prevent conflict or shore up your conflict resolution skills as necessary. 

    → Let them speak

    One of the worst things you can do as a manager is to provide your personnel with a training session that wouldn't allow them to share their opinions and feedback. You have to ensure that the session is as interactive as possible. Your trainers wouldn’t have to be the fount of knowledge but act as facilitators to bring out the best in your personnel. 

    → Ensure conduciveness 

    Another thing you must realize is that mandatory training can be a drag, especially if the room and the immediate environment aren’t conducive to the task. It’s necessary to conduct training in a space with enough lighting, proper ventilation, comfortable chairs, and a terrific sound system. An abundance of coffee and snacks would also help make the participants happy and engaged. 

    → Understand adult learning pedagogy 

    You must remember that our participants aren’t children – they’re adults. The approach to a training session would be quite different, and your trainers would do well if they understood that there are individual differences and learning styles to be considered. Some people learn best through listening, and some through kinesthetics and experiential opportunities. Others are more visual, while others absorb more through reading. 

    → Endnotes 

    Keeping participants engaged during a mandatory training session can be difficult. However, understanding the principles of pedagogy and providing great opportunities would benefit your participants and company. 

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