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A Guide To Cross-Browser Testing Tools

    Cross-browser testing is a laborious and time-consuming type of non-functional testing. Thus, it is rational to develop a unique framework for this function.

    Browser testing tools facilitate scalability in compatibility testing without requiring you to install any specialized infrastructure. They can help you find and address issues with your app or site.

    Cross Browser Testing

    Best Tools for Cross-Browser testing of Websites 

    → Testsigma

    Testsigma is an open-source, no-code QA and development test automation tool. It makes Wide-ranging and frequent cross-browser testing possible. Most online test suites do not support all significant browsers and extensions. However, Testsigma allows you to test on various browsers. It includes a complete suite of functional and non-functional testing methods.

    The Testsigma dashboard is extensive, adaptable, and structured in a tree-like structure. Since it sets up your build data, you can simultaneously operate multiple devices, immensely cutting down the development time. It also provides fast feedback that you can use to improve your test. In addition, each stage of tests includes detailed error descriptions for each supported device and browser version.

    Testsigma can integrate with CircleCI, BrowserStack, Trello, GitHub, Jira, Google Chat, Slack, Microsoft Teams, LamdaTest, and several other popular apps and plugins. It ensures reliable distribution in an ongoing fashion and also comes with robust debugging resources.


    Testim is an automated testing tool for doing integration tests in different browsers. Coded or codeless tests, or both, can be executed on this platform.

    Testim has a ton of options, some of which are crucial and others of which aren't. Users are ecstatic about how fast the platform is since it claims to be lightning-fast for test automation. But it's not all that makes Testim so well-liked; they also have several other valuable qualities.
    It frequently uses bug tracking, screenshots, a test editor, and other fundamental features. The tool's sophistication lies in its ability to do complex tasks in parallel and with high efficiency, thanks to options like parameterized testing and requirements-based testing. Testim is a powerful automation solution for testing thanks to its streamlined CI/CD integration and thorough examination of test scripts.

    → Ranorex Workbench

    Ranorex Workbench is a unique resource for catching design flaws, fixing JavaScript bugs, and testing your site. Ranorex Studio serves as a functional test lab for businesses. Because of its speed, it makes cross-browser testing much more manageable. In addition, you can test any website that requires you to use a password and username to enter.

    Because of its compatibility with a wide variety of browsers and operating systems, Ranorex is well-suited for use with dynamic web pages. This testing tool, however, is priced much above the means of most new businesses and start-ups.

    Your mobile app's scripting faults and accessibility concerns will be exposed promptly by its comprehensive suite of tests. It makes no difference if your website uses intricate HTML or JavaScript. Any existing problems in your test script are compiled at the end of each scan. From application programming interface (API) testing to debugging, Ranorex covers just about every conceivable testing scenario. Benefit from its intuitive hierarchical structure, script editor that works with drag- and-drop, and powerful suites for group work.

    → Perfecto

    Perfecto is best if you value efficiency, insightful reporting, and robust automation frameworks throughout implementation. With multiple integrations and plugins, Perfecto makes cross-browser testing easy.

    The straightforward user interface makes visual testing a breeze. If your existing testing lab lacks sufficient devices and browsers, consider switching to Perfecto.

    Perfecto is one of the few testing solutions that supports a wide range of OS and browser versions and add-ons in a unified platform. Perfecto is great if you wish to perform non-functional testing but have never done so before. The platform is flexible enough to meet your specific IT needs and intuitive enough for even non- technical users to do mobile testing. In addition to the standard fare of mobile
    testing, Perfecto's $300 monthly membership can assist your business in automating complex IT processes.

    → LambdaTest

    Finally, software that can outperform your local execution times. LambdaTest boasts superior API and cross-browser testing tools. It gives users access to a knowledge base where they can read step-by-step tutorials on implementing various testing frameworks, including Appium, Selenium, JavaScript, and Cypress.

    With LambdaTest, you can speed up the entire testing process, allowing you to devote your time and energy to more creative endeavors rather than mundane tasks like code maintenance. All of these browser compatibility tests are real-time and user-friendly. More than 3,000 Android and iOS devices support browsing locally hosted and publicly accessible websites. They function on native mobile and desktop browsers, not in any virtual environment.

    LambdaTest's cloud framework is comparable to, if not superior to, a traditional lab. Adding a browser emulator/simulator for newly released versions is a significant plus for LambdaTest. LambdaTest is not only a robust platform for debugging and testing any website, but it is also a user-friendly tool for developers. Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, and Firefox are all supported, along with other lesser-known browsers.

    → Our Opinions on the Top Cross-Browser Testing Software.

    Cross-browser testing is crucial in developing apps that work on multiple browsers and display information correctly. The alternatives to common cross-browser testing tools covered in this blog post offer a range of choices to accommodate a variety of budgets and requirements.

    Automated software testing platforms like HeadSpin can also help you with cross- browser testing. It lets you connect to real, SIM-enabled devices that you can use to run your cross-browser tests. Reach out!

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