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How AI Can Impact The Future Of The Gaming Industry


    The modern gaming market is characterized by an active transition to a phase of incredible progress using AI. Surprised? Probably not. The use of neural networks in the gaming industry was only a matter of time, and no one was surprised that they are used to create gaming products. 

    AI in Gaming Industry

    But is AI dangerous, as described to us in computer games or Hollywood? Let's figure it out together.

    Positive Aspects of Using AI in the Gaming Industry

    When we say gaming, we mean not only the most popular MOBAs or shooters. We are talking about all aspects of the gaming process (including browser games, casinos, and table games). AI has brought dramatic changes and completely changed the ecosystem of many projects. But first things first, let's move on to the main features.

    ✔️ Guaranteed Security

    Many users, having seen enough of various films like The Terminator, are afraid for their safety or the life of humankind. For such people, we are pleased to report that there is no threat to humanity (yet), threats to data leakage, or threats to life. On the contrary, in creating neural networks and AI in general, the safety aspect comes first. The gameplay will always be protected and smooth, so you can easily dive into online pokies or your favorite RPG.

    ✔️ Variation and Uniqueness

    In truth, AI-created gaming content is becoming increasingly common every day, which does not let even the most avid gamer get bored—moreover, the uniqueness of the content provided by various studios and corporations. For example, Sony, included in the Top 10 Technology Companies, has been using neural networks for its projects for a long time, opening the door for other indie studios to use AI to create new and unique products.

    AI Negative Impacts

    But not everything is as rosy as we would like, because there will always be opposing sides, and AI is no exception. Not all algorithms are perfect, and even a robot can make mistakes. The world knows of several death cases due to autopilot errors in road transport. Based on this, the overall reputation of AI extends to all areas, including gaming.

    🚫 Lack of Soul and Philosophy

    Yes, this is a more spiritual moment, but for many, gaming is an art that should bring certain emotions. AI works only according to instructions and does not pursue global goals, but does what the responsible person orders.

    🚫 High Start-Up and Maintenance cost

    In addition to finding a team ready to work with AI and set certain tasks for it, this "robot" is very whimsical about software and updates. Therefore, many abandon this idea, and only a few large gaming studios can afford it.

    Fear of AI

    Above, we mentioned that AI is already part of society, but not everyone accepts this. For some, playing games created by networks is unacceptable, and since many companies care about profit, they can often hide their use so as not to damage their image. 

    Fear of AI

    In the example of Detroit: Become Human, many have become afraid of robots, which is partly the merit of the developers, but at the same time, there are very impressionable and distrustful individuals in the world.

    Fortunately, most gamers are not afraid of AI but rather admire the possibilities that gaming opens up: unique world generation, realistic consequences of actions, plot variation, and, generally, AI speeds up the release of long-awaited projects. But society still closely monitors everything that uses neural networks, including the gaming industry.

    AI Gaming Features - Past, Present, and Future

    The research of artificial intelligence systems and the development of computer games for many years went in parallel and intersected only in the "game" part. Since the 1950s, board games have been a field of application for the possibilities of artificial intelligence: the desire to create algorithms that would help a machine beat a person in checkers and chess and became the engine for the development of technology. With the advent of arcade machines, researchers increasingly turned to video games. Still, the power of old games did not allow the use of developments in artificial inte4lligence, and the developments themselves were insignificant.

    AI Gaming Features

    In the 1970s, there were hints of the use of such technologies. In particular, there were attempts to model NPCs that dynamically respond to the player. However, the rules for their behavior were relatively simple, if not to say, "primitive." Since the 2000s, more or less productive interaction between artificial intelligence researchers and computer game developers has begun in the digital age.

    One of the most famous AIs is ChatGPT, which is unique and can be used to get acquainted with new technologies. The game dev industry creates artificial intelligence, improving game quality. Today, Artificial-Intelligence is used wherever a gamer can be, and neural networks work best with this category of people. Yes, gamers have long been at the core of technology development, and AI will be no exception 

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