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Recently, all sorts of command chats, messengers and programs for easy communication on the Internet have become popular. The most famous, of course, is Skype, which is considered by many to have no alternative. Is it so? Relatively recently, Skype has become a very serious competitor in the form of Discord. Probably not many people have heard about the program, but it is definitely worth to learn more about it. In this article we will find out what is better: Skype or Discord. Let's get started. Let's go!




Messengers, services for communicating on the Internet, are very popular with both children and their parents. They have long ceased to be associated only with the exchange of text messages and now it is possible to make audio and video calls, create groups for collective communication and many other functions. Among other services for communication, a special place in the toolkit of gamers took Discord (English - "discord"). He unites on his site not only professional gamers to exchange messages in computer games, game industry developers, journalists and bloggers who write about computer games, as well as anyone who is close to the subject of computer games. In fact, now Discord is a large-scale online community devoted to computer games. Set it up correctly discord tokens.

Gradually, messenger has become a tool for a variety of tasks. For example, for many teachers and students around the world in a distance learning environment, this service has become an alternative to Skype and Zoom. The developers of Diskord, because of the situation connected with the global pandemic, went to meet the teachers and for more than a month the function for the voice channels, which can be used to demonstrate the screen and conduct online lectures for their students, began to support up to 50 users, whereas before the maximum number of people in a group was only 10 people.

Basically, Discord is a two chats: a text chat, where many people can simultaneously correspond and a voice chat, where you can freely communicate with your friends by going through the settings of the microphone and headphones/speakers. This is the main point of this program - to make communication easy and pleasant.

By the way, Discord is primarily a "Chat for Gamers", created to make it convenient for gamers to communicate and chat while playing online. It all works very simply. First, you need to create a server, and then send invitations to your friends, and then they come in, register - and that's all. Now you can collectively text and talk in the voice rooms at the same time.

Regarding optimization and smooth operation: back in the early days of its existence, the messenger rarely sagged and slowed down. Even when there are a few hundred people on the server at the same time, there is no need to worry about the performance of the program.

Discord can be used both in the browser and in a separate application for PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux). There are also applications for Android and iOS. Design in mobile applications is good and convenient, but still there are certain shortcomings, which may be corrected in the future. This applies to load time, because the application can take quite a long time to load.


The design of the program itself is a real boon. It is very simple and minimalistic. There is literally nothing unnecessary that could somehow confuse the user. In fact, creating your own server is not as difficult as it seems. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to do. Perhaps Discord can be compared to the Paint program, well-known to everyone, the interface of which is so simple that all the functionality can be sorted out in 5 minutes.

If in general talk about the functionality of this program, it is very, very wide. In addition to servers, you can create temporary groups to play together or correspond for a few hours, you can just play together with a friend in private (of course, it is here). Also, you can change your avatar, nickname, write in different fonts, write commands, add bots and much, much more.

On the bots would like to dwell separately. On your server, you can add a bot with the specified properties in a few seconds. Each has its own functions. SteamBot, for example, can throw into the chat the most important information about this or that game from the Steam store, and FredBoat β will always sing your favorite song in the voice chat. There are a lot of bots, both custom and official, install any to your liking.

Discord's design is two-type. In the settings you can choose between two color palettes: white with blue or just black. If we consider the version for PC, everything is standard there: a long panel that displays all the online servers, on the left a panel with voice rooms, on the left, in the very corner a thin panel with a list of servers where you are. At the top are some bonus switches and commands, in the middle is the text chat. The main disadvantage of this design is that it is not balanced. So, when the side menus are narrow and compact, the text chat and messages with them are too extensive, especially when most of the messages do not reach the length of one line (especially noticeable on large screens).


If we make a comparison with Skype, we can say that Discord will be the best solution only for gamers. All the same, its functionality and features have been honed precisely to solve problems of team chats. Here Skype loses unconditionally and on all fronts. But Discord is no good for communicating with your relatives or colleagues. First of all, because Skype is a much more popular product. It is hard to find a person who does not have Skype. Secondly, if you use Discord only to call your friends or parents in another city, all the benefits that Discord offers disappear and you essentially get the same Skype. So if you like to play with your friends online - your choice is Discord, but if online calls are a part of your work, business or you just need to talk to your relatives, the best solution is, of course, Skype.

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