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Patient Portal Aegislabs ( - Aegis Results Portal

    A patient portal (patientportal aegislabs com) is an internet portal that keeps track of patient information and provides individualized care. Everything related to managing medical concerns, including medical planning, doctor's appointments, lab testing, and conventional screenings, might be done through this visual platform. Patient Portal Aegislabs provide a peculiar level of care to the patient. A committed staff will always be there to assist in lab reports. Additionally, this offers hospitality that is patient-focused. Range from medical preventative programs and appointments to conventional exams and a maze of experts and affiliates to address almost any medical ailment through this virtual assistance.

    patient portal.aegislabs

    Log in: 

    • Enter into the address bar of your web browser after it has opened.

    • Aegis provides your user ID and password.

    Change your password:

    You can change your password on the next screen if you haven't already. This screen will show up each time you log in until you adjust your password.


    After logging in, you will arrive on the dashboard page. A shortcut link in the lower right corner of the screen will take you to a page that includes all the reports that have yet to be downloaded or seen. The words and images on the dashboard page may occasionally alter to reflect new or updated information from the lab.

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    Set the Samples View preferences in:

    The donor's SSN can be seen in the Description column. To be placed next to the Sample ID field, this field needs to be made visible.

    • Choose Right-click from the menu when you

    • Select Display Columns from the context menu.

    • As you scroll down, look at the Description column.

    • In addition to the columns for My Work order ID and Lab Work order ID, uncheck any other columns you don't wish to see.

    • Push the OK button.

    • Drag the Description column next to the My Sample ID column by clicking and dragging it there.

    Examine Samples:

    The View Samples page will load when you select the Samples tab or the Sample Reports links. This website allows you to search for samples sent to the lab and examine reports. Reports from the previous 30 days are automatically shown on the page. After adjusting the date range or search criteria, click the Search button to run a new search. Select everything from the list of search criteria to search all text fields for your search string. For instance, the search below will display records with Will in the first or last names.

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    View a report:

    To view a report, click the Get link in the samples grid. When a piece of information is considered, the Report Status will say Read the following time the grid is updated. You can alter the visibility of reports by choosing the rows and clicking the icon in the toolbar above the grid.

    Download and print the report:

    • Select the print icon after selecting the box next to the report you want to print the information.

    • Select the report you want to download by checking the box next to it, and then click the download icon.

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    Final thoughts:

    Of course, a patient using the patient portal to examine the outcomes of her COVID-19 blood test is still free to contact. They might still wish to inquire about the following steps even if the test was negative since they might need to comprehend their results fully.

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