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How to Grow Your Personal Blog and Get More Traffic

    Becoming an influencer with millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is every teenager's dream. 

    If not that, a famous blogger or vlogger capable of swaying market trends with a post or two.

    Few of those bold dreamers know that the required time and effort compare to that of finishing a BA program at a distinguished college.

    Grow Blog and Get More Traffic

    Blog-growing and traffic-generation tips that work

    This post's word limit only allows a glimpse into the vast universe of blogging. Yet, learning the basics is the first of many steps a budding blogger must take to stardom.

    ✔ Cover evergreen topics

    If you want to draw a loyal crowd of visitors to your blog, make sure to cover searchable topics, even if you are genuinely disinterested in some of them. 

    Evergreen topics like climate change, global warming, or global food crisis generate sustainable organic traffic over a long time.

    ✔ How to find searchable blog titles?

    It is humanly impossible to produce a fresh stack of trendy blog titles every week. Luckily, there are free keyword-generation tools you can use.

    When we need information about something, we usually type our question into the search tab and hit "Enter." It naturally follows, then, that the answers to simple, everyday questions generate the largest volume of organic traffic.

    ✔ Guess the search intent

    In other words, the content of your posts should correspond to the intent of the search queries. If you guess the search intent right, you'll know what type of content to create. 

    If an internet user is searching for "the strongest coffee blend in the world," they may be struggling with low blood pressure or some other condition that makes them drowsy most of the time.   

    You can answer that particular query by writing a listicle of the strongest coffee brands on a fellow's blog. Then, sneak in a backlink to your website, where you explain how to deal with perpetual drowsiness.

    ✔ Embed visuals

    If you want to boost the traffic to your blog, more than articles is needed. You have to embed high-quality pictures and videos. 

    If a person wants to know how to do a specific exercise correctly, they'll instantly click on pages leading to tutorial videos.

    Blogposts with original images inside are more likely to go viral, even if their topics could be more exciting.

    ✔ Don't ditch old posts

    Some articles wear out faster than others. However, it would be best if you tried to revamp them with fresh content and keywords instead of ditching them into your archive.

    If you run a blog on WordPress, you can easily spot the weakest titles of the week. You can add some updated content, insert new links, add trendier keywords, or come up with a more clickable title.

    ✔ It's all about headlines

    If you open a popular news website, you'll notice how the titles lure you into opening the article and reading through it. 

    With blog posts, the angle is slightly different. It would be best if you came up with original and catchy titles with a call to action. 

    Usually, blog articles tell the reader how to do something, list the best products in a niche, or review a particular product.   

    ✔ Keep your crowd posted about the blog's content

    Following the above tips, you'll be able to attract a crowd of staunch followers to your blog or site. However, they may sometimes need to catch up on an important update or an enticing two-minute read.

    It's a good idea to summarize the hottest titles of the week and send them out in an old-fashioned newsletter.

    ✔ Reach out to online celebs

    Quality content writing can't do without citing an authority in the field with a solid online presence.

    Why not send them a Tweet and let them know you've used their expertise? If you are lucky, they may Tweet back with an appropriate hashtag and drive even more traffic to your blog.

    ✔ Utilize social media outlets

    Shout out about your latest blog update on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your followers will instantly hit the link and read it. That said, your posts should never violate group rules or community standards. 

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