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5 Signs You Should Concentrate on Local SEO

    Have you wondered whether it is worth concentrating on local SEO? This is something that often overlooked by businesses as they try to reach the top of Google. But, this is a huge mistake and it could be costing you customers.

    In particular, there are some businesses that are going to benefit from local SEO more than others. Let’s take a look at five signs you should be concentrating on this task moving forward with your business.

    Local SEO

    The Community Does Not Know You

    Have you found that local people you speak to are not aware of your business? This can be disappointing and it can be a result of not showing up in local SEO searches. Everyone uses their mobile phone now to find services and products they want to buy. So, if you implemented a local SEO strategy, you would likely appear in these results and the community would be familiar with your business.

    If you find that you are anonymous in the local area, you will want to concentrate on local SEO. But if you do not have the time, you can hire experts to do this for you. Check out and see what ClickSlice is able to do for your business. This includes making sure that you are visible to customers in the London area.

    You Have a Physical Location

    Let’s start with a simple sign that you should be concentrating on local SEO. That is if your business has a physical location that a customer can visit. For example, this could be a café or restaurant, as well as a store or stall. Essentially, you have a brick-and-mortar business which means you operate in person as well as online.

    So, the role of local SEO for brick-and-mortar businesses is that it can get you discovered by people in the area. More customers are turning to Google to see where to go for shopping and eating when they are in a town or city. They will make a local search and you want to be visible to them on Google. Thus, if you have a business in Manchester, you want to be targeting keywords that include Manchester.

    You Do Not Rank Locally

    If you have never concentrated on local SEO, it is unlikely that you are going to appear in rankings to do with your location. For example, if you are situated in London, you may not be displayed in searches to do with this city. This is definitely going to mean that you are losing out on customers. A lot more people want to use local businesses and where they are from.

    So, if you do not rank locally, you can change this by adapting your SEO strategy. This is a sure sign that it is time to dedicate a lot of effort to local SEO. You want to be concentrating on those local search terms and ensure that all of your content is optimised correctly. Therefore, when a customer searches for a certain product or service in the relevant city, you are going to pop up in the results.

    You Are Losing Out to Competitors

    Do you feel that competitors are outsmarting you and taking customers from you? Well, they might be doing this through Google. In other words, their website is displayed before you on the popular search engine, which means customers are using them instead of your business. People trust Google and if they see a website ranking high up on the search pages, they are more likely to click on them. Ask yourself this question; do you scroll past the first page?

    For most people, the answer is no. So, if this is where your website is positioned, this is going to be bad news. You are not discoverable online. With local SEO, you can change this and rival your competitors. Having a strategy in place and consistently working on it is going to boost your ranking.

    You Want to Appeal to Customers

    Ultimately, the main reason why you want to invest in local SEO is to appeal to your customers. As we have mentioned, a lot of people want to use services and buy products from businesses in their local area. So, if people know about your business, they are likely to use you if you are in their community.

    Local SEO is how you get the word out about your brand. You can demonstrate where you are located and what you have to offer local people.

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